Astonishingly Bizarre Cameos – Top 5

One of my favourite things about watching movies and tv shows is spotting actors from other shows I like. Literally, I get excited when someone from the Wire turns up in Rambo, or background extras in Arrested Development and That 70s Show become leads in The Office, or when somehow Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! gets the fifty billion well known actors to appear advertising penile cleansing rags or the Jeff Gold-Bluman Group.

This list will have some of the strangest cameos, but not just for the coolness factor. I mean, really, Tom Cruise is current movie star, so him showing up in Tropic Thunder, a major Hollywood film, isn’t really that weird. I’m talking about people and things from completely different worlds. Let’s start!

#1 – Orson Welles in the first Transformers animated movie – It’s Orson Welles, one of the greatest film makers *and* actors of all time, in the 80s, voicing a transformer who can change into a planet! I know Welles had one of the most charismatic voices ever, but the disparity between this and his former works is bewildering.

#2 – Joe Peschi in his rap song Wiseguy – Joe Pesci is pretty much the same character in every one of his well known movies (barring Home Alone of cause), and people love him, so why not get him to make a true ‘gangster’ rap song? It’s absurd, but at least they made it insanely catchy, and sampled a Blondie riff, and it had a cool video of Pesci doing Pesci stuff. Plus “It’s the bitches that’ll get yeaus” is part of the chorus.

#3 – David Lynch in The Cleveland Show – I’m a huge David Lynch fanboy and know a bit about him, so this makes his recurring cameo makes no sense in any respect. A one off, yes, would be strange, but it would be like Gary Busey appearing in Scrubs was. But he’s a semi-regular character! One of the characters called him an eraserhead! How can the same man who made Lost Highway, Mullholland Drive and Inland Empire, for fuck’s sake, be a character in a Family Guy spinoff?

 Lynch answers my question

#4 – Robert Halford on Queens of the Stone Age track Feel Good Hit of the Summer – A bit of a mouthful, but it needs some explaining. I know that Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest appearing on a hard rock track isn’t exactly that stupendously mind boggling, but it’s what he does. The track is awesome, just Josh Homme repeating the names of drugs over and over, but half way through the song, someone is whispering the same thing under Homme. That is Halford, who, of course, is known for having a ridiculously high falsetto and being an extremely powerful vocalist, doing something they could have literally gotten anybody else to do, and adding a few barely audible screams towards the end. That is cool.

#5 – Bob Dylan on Dharma & Greg – I had so many options when it came to the last cameo. Do I go with “Cop Killer” Ice T on Seasame Street? De Niro was on Seasame Street as well. Boy George on the A-Team? I guess celebrities, no matter how effeminate, were still being shoehorned onto shows in the 80s. Snoop Dogg on Just Shoot Me? Weird yes, but less so in hindsight, seeing how he’s jumped to being mainstream as shit now. So I decided to go another way. Just watch this:

On first view, it’s not that outlandish. But firstly, look past the general lack of anything funny from Dharma & Greg, and see that Bob Dylan doesn’t sing. As someone who is a big fan, and has heard him sing live recently, sweet god that’s a giant plus. But pay attention more closely, and you’ll notice that the king of the folk protest movement of the early 60s, and perhaps close to the greatest musical artist of the last hundred years is on DHARMA & GREG!!!