10 Reasons Why We’re Hyped for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

There’s quite a few awesome geek movies hitting our screens this year, especially in the geek sub-genre that is superheroes. The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man has already hit our screens and it’s possible that the best is being left until last. There are plenty of reasons why the native people of the internet are getting psyched for Batman’s next adventure…

10. It’s the Sequel to The Dark Knight

2008’s The Dark Knight is arguably the best comic book cinema adaptation ever made. The cast, the director, the story, the design…everything came together in a perfect way. Unlike most superhero movies it took its cues from modern comic books in that it dealt with more complex, adult themes and aimed for characters with realistic qualities. It’s a brilliant film that pushes audiences as far as it can. Batman Begins was a fantastic film and The Dark Knight took it up notch – here’s hoping this follows the pattern.

9. Christoper Nolan Hasn’t Put a Foot Wrong

Nolan started his career making some mind-blowing short films, but so do many directors. It’s when they hit the big time that they start to lose the plot. Sometimes they can’t handle the big crew and production, sometimes they make it big and get given a blank check only to screw things up. Nolan has kept his head in the game and although his productions are getting bigger, more elaborate and more highly anticipated he’s still kept a tight reign on things. From Memento to Inception things have just gotten better and better.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

8. New Toys!

When a new movie comes out the merchandise is never far behind. Although the line of action figures released thus far are average to say the least, we can anticipate plenty more kick-ass collectibles.

7. Bane

Fairly unknown to the main population, who were expecting either The Riddler or the Penguin because the only Batman villains are the ones who appeared in the Adam West television series, Bane is a hugely popular and damn interesting character for the Dark Knight to go up against. Especially in this universe where Bruce Wayne learned exactly how far he would have to go defeat someone like The Joker, the potential for this opponent is awesome. This is, after all, the man who broke the Bat.

6. Batman Has Never Been So Interesting

It started with Frank Miller in 1986, making the Batman comics something that it has never been before: mature, dark and involving. Tim Burton then brought this concept to the cinema in 1989. The idea of Batman as The Dark Knight began to be the norm, even on Saturday morning cartoons. The new, edgier Batman has been refined and developed over the decades with new concepts such as Batman Inc and deadlier opponents like Red Hood and The Flamingo, Batman has never been more interesting. With one of the most interesting directors of the now at the helm, the time it right.

5. Catwoman

The new Selina Kyle has not been the focus of the marketing campaigns for the upcoming movie, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not intrigued. While cool in her own right, Michelle Pfeiffer’s turn had a few oddities about it. Being resurrected by cats was strange to say the least and her pseudo-feminism is downright awkward, meaning we haven’t had a decent cinema Catwoman since Julie Newmar. Anne Hathaway has the potential to turn this around, and what we’ve so far is that she’ll be a cat-burglar who toes the line between right and wrong while twisting Bruce Wayne around her little finger. This could be an awesome Catwoman.

4. It’s the Year of the Superhero

We’ve pretty much run out of big superhero franchises to adapt to the big screen. The trend of spandex-clad crimefighters has been running for so long that we’ve already seen X-Men and Spider-Man hit the prequel/reboot routine. Nonetheless, X-Men First Class, The Avengers early reports of The Amazing Spider-Man indicate that superhero movies might be about to go out with a bang. We just need to most awesome superhero of them all to wrap things up.

3. What Aren’t They Telling Us?

So we know that Bane is in it, and he’s going to beat the shit out of Batman. We know that Catwoman’s in it, and she’s going to team up with the Bat. We even know that Ra’s al Ghul is going to pop his head into flashbacks and the present day. But what are they hiding from us? Who’s Marion Cotillard playing? Rumour has it that she could be Tahlia, Ra’s’ daughter and Batman’s lover. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also an unknown, shown to be a cop. Dick Grayson aka the original Robin became a cop in the comic series so there’s potential for this to come about. We won’t know until we see it.

“So I’m thinking red shorts. Emphasis on the short.”

2. It’s the Concluding Chapter

Here’s the thing about Hollywood franchises – they don’t want to do anything that might inhibit future installations of the series. Even when Harrison Ford was ready to hang up his blue vest the Star Wars team wrote an ending to the second film to bring him back. Bad guys will be dropped down convenient holes and all minor characters tucked carefully aware for future use. Even when somebody gets killed off there’s still good odds that they’ll turn up again. With Nolan and Bale making things completely clear that this is to be the final part of this series we know that anything can happen, and it will stick. Bring it on.

1. It’s the Goddamn Batman

And we love it.