007 Casefile: The Man With the Golden Gun

Moore heads out on this second mission, pitting himself against a worthy foe!

The Mission: MI:6 receives a message in the mail – a golden bullet inscribed with the numerals ‘007’. Assuming that it’s a threat on the life of James Bond by the notorious and highly mysterious Francisco Scaramanga, otherwise known as the Man With the Golden Gun. Bond is relieved of duty, but M strongly implies that if the assassin was uncovered and apprehended then Bond would be reinstated.

Locales: Hong Kong, Thailand, Lebanon and Macau.

Gadgets: Bond has a rather standard issue tracking device that he uses the trace Scaramanga’s car. That and a plastic nipple are the only gadgets Bond employs on this adventure.

Vehicles: Bond makes use of an AMC Hornet in Thailand, taking the well while it’s in a showroom and using it to perform the famous corkscrew jump.

The Man With the Golden Gun Car Stunt

Sidekicks: Mary Goodnight, an assistant supplied to Bond for the duration of the mission, and Lieutenant Hip, Bond’s contact in Shanghai.

The Girls: Mary Goodnight is joined by Andrea Anders, a woman in the employ of Scaramanga and kept as little more than a pampered slave. Bond also has a brief, but close, encounter with a belly dancer.

The Enemy: Francisco Scaramanga aka The Man With the Golden Gun.

The Man With the Golden Gun

Evil Plot: Although it initially looks as though Scaramanga is out to assassinate James Bond, he’s real scheme involves stealing technology called the Solex that he intends to combine with a solar energy plant to create a solar laser beam to sell to the highest bidder.

Distinguishing Features: As his name suggests Scaramanga is equipped with a gun made out of gold. He smuggles the weapon easily as it divides into a pen, a lighter, a cufflink and a cigarette case. On a physical level he has a third nipple – the only known feature of him.

The Golden Gun

Secret Lair: Pulling in a million dollars a hit has allowed Scaramanga enough bank to buy a private island of the coast of China. This island is fully equipped with a solar plant, a giant laser and his funhouse training facility.

Henchmen: Andrea Anders acts as Scaramanga’s mistress who also provides services such as picking up his special orders of golden bullets. Nick Nack is his manservant who manages his training and acts as an accomplice in his hits.

Facts About the Movie

Politically Incorrect Behaviour: Bond manages to keep himself mostly under control aside from the occasional cheeky behaviour. The director is more at fault here, staging scenes in the ‘Bottoms Up’ club and featuring a nude Asian swimmer named ‘Chew Me’.

Notable Firsts: No major changes to the franchise, but for the first time Bond goes face to face with an assassin on his level.

Random Trivia: Maud Adams makes her first of three Bond films alongside Roger Moore playing Andrea Anders in The Man With the Golden Gun, later playing the titular role in Octopussy and making a brief appearance in A View to a Kill.

Herve Villechaize, who plays Nick Nack, went on from playing Scaramanga’s manservant on his private island to playing a manservant on a private island in the series Fantasy Island.

Nick Nack

Both Britt Ekland and Maud Adams begun their careers as models in Sweden, and were cast together because of the contrast in their looks.

Jack Palance was the first actor to be offered the role of Francisco Scaramanga but turned it down, leaving the part open for Christopher Lee. Lee is cousin to Bond creator Ian Fleming, and was the authors first choice for playing Doctor No.