Ten Random Thoughts While Watching Game of Thrones, Episode One.

Game of Thrones PosterBy Appa the Gypsy

Yep. It’s true. I’ve only just started watching Game of Thrones. I know, right? What kind of crazy person am I? Geez. But I’ve finally decided it’s time to give it a go, and it’s also time to share this momentous experience with you guys!

Going against everything I believe in, I’ve decided to watch the first season of Game of Thrones before I read the books. I really hope this won’t be a mistake, because all the people who assured me that the books are so well-written that they’ll be amazing even if I do already know what’s going to happen, well, they’ll regret telling me that if it turns out not to be true. This I swear to you.

For all you people out there who haven’t read or watched Game of Thrones yet, maybe, just… go do that? Now? Although there aren’t any spoilers in this post really, so go for your life and read on. The show is based on A Song of Ice and Fire, a very popular series of epic fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. The television series has been renewed for a third season, is expected to premiere in March next year, and it has boasted some pretty epic ratings as of yet. From the looks of the first episode, I can tell it’s amazing, so I really hope the show can keep it up.

Anyway, so here are then ten best random thoughts (I definitely had way more than ten random thoughts while watching the first episode, believe me) that I had while watching Game of Thrones, Episode 1: Winter is Coming. Just so you all know, though, I am so pumped to be finally watching this show…

Those three (now dead) guys from the opening scene...

Soon. Definitely soon.

1)      Those three guys… will all die. Soon. They just… look like they will.

2)      Well, if that decapitation was any indication, the violence in this show is not going to be pretty… Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but I can tell there won’t be much in the way of fades-to-black to skirt around any bleeding. Anyway, I think I was probably right. Soon all three will be dead.

3)      I’ve seen the Game of Thrones opening credits before (in this post here, actually), but holy frick, they still look so amazing. And I love the music. And, according to Wikipedia (the knower of all things), the title sequence for Game of Thrones won an Emmy in 2011. That’s how good they are.


All the 'One Does Not Simply' memes I thought of/could find

Yes. I had all those thoughts. All at once.

5)      Wait a minute… if the last of those three guys from that first scene survived, and somehow made it to Winterfell… how did he get past the Wall? He says he should’ve gone back to the Wall to warn them, but wasn’t he on the other side of it to begin with (I’m assuming he was. They don’t say that he was North of it, specifically)? Did he… climb the thing, or something? I’m legitimately interested if someone actually knows the answer to this question, because I’m willing to believe that I just missed something…

The Map from the Song of Ice and Fire Books

I even went and checked the map from the book, I was so confused…


All the "Brace Yourselves" Memes I thought of/could find...

Once again… all of those thoughts. All at once.

Lena Headey in Sarah Connor Chronicles and Game of Thrones

Sarah Connor => Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros

7)      IT’S SARAH CONNOR!! (from the Sarah Connor Chronicles) A blonde Sarah Connor! I’m so excited!

8)      Ooh, goodie. Nudity. Now I know why this show is so popular? Hehe.

9)       The casting in this show is awesome. Not just because of the ones I recognise, either. Every character seems to be played by the perfect actor for the role.

10)   Aaaaand more nudity. Cool. Accompanied by more violence. Also cool. And some more nudity. Yep.  I definitely understand the popularity now. Lol.

And there you have it. My Ten Random Thoughts While Watching Game of Thrones, Episode One. I have to say, the show really appears to be living up to the hype so far. I love the casting and the look of the show, and the way it sounds and, just… all of it. It’s just been really well done, and from what I’ve heard, it’s been really well adapted from the source material too. I’d better watch this season super quick so I can get into those books and find out if that’s true for myself!

Feel free to share any random thoughts you had when you first started watching the series. Keep the epic spoilers to a minimum for a while, though. I need to catch up on the amazingness that is this show!

Now… on to episode two… But first, lets all watch those opening credits just one more time…