Ten Best Uses of Blood in Horror

The color that is most related to the horror genre is the color red.  It is the color of the thick liquid that seeps out of the wounds of victims in horror movies.  Blood plays a pretty important part to the genre, but some movies use blood in a nearly artistic, or just plain awesome ways.  Here are my top ten uses of blood in the horror genre.

10. Dead Alive – Lawnmower scene

Dead Alive

DEAD ALIVE is known for being one of the goriest movies of all time, and that title is rightfully deserved.  Peter Jackson’s movie is a bloody good gore-fest right from start to finish.  The movie is played more for campiness and cheese, and it works.  This movie is just a blast!  The one scene that truly stands out is when the hero goes up against the zombies with a lawnmower.  Blood is spewed and the screen is turned red.

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Sally in blood

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is a brutal film that shows no gore and has very little blood in the actual film.  So why is it on here then?  Simple: Sally.  In the final act of the film, the heroine is being tortured and is covered with her own blood, and just the sight of her running in blood is a sight to remember.  This sight gives definition to the term morbid imagery.

8. The Evil Dead – Blood begins pouring out of every corner of the cabin

The Evil Dead

Everyone is either dead or possessed and our hero, Ash, is alone.  Blood begins pouring from every inch of the cabin including filling up the light bulbs.  Light bulbs shatter and blood shoots out and pipes break, drenching our hero in blood.  This scene is both scary, yet morbidly funny (or at least to me, but I’m a sick freak).

7. The Thing – The blood test scene


THE THING is a film about paranoia and it perfectly sells that feeling.  While watching the film, the audience can feel the paranoia that the characters do especially in one scene.  In one spectacular scene they are trying to find out who is the thing and they tie everyone down and run blood tests.  The scene is slow, scary, and will have you on the edge of your seat leading up to a bloody good conclusion!

6. The Shining – The ocean of blood

The Shining

When I think of THE SHINING, there is one image that comes to mind.  You might think the “Here’s Johnny” scene, but I think of the ocean of blood that tears through the hallways after the elevators open.  Wow!  That is a beautifully macabre image.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Geyser of blood

A Nightmare on Elm Street

While I’m trying to stay away from death scenes, this is a brilliant use of blood.  A young Johnny Depp, in his first film role falls asleep and is sucked into his bed.  It sounds simple enough…but what makes this scene stand out is what happens next.  A giant never-ending geyser of blood shoots out of the bed and covers the entire room.  It just never ends, and his mom walks in on the sight and screams in terror.  What makes this scene so scary is that we never learn what happens to his character.  We are left to wonder forever…what could do that?  Maybe Freddy Krueger has a giant blender in that boiler room of his.

4. Carrie – Carrie is covered in pigs blood


In De Palma’s classic, blood actually becomes the turnaround for the movie.  What starts off as an odd coming of age film about a young bullied girl with an abusive mother and a set of telekinetic abilities turns into a horror film when a prank is pulled leaving her doused in blood.  The way this scene is shot is truly art.  The colors are vibrant, really contrasting with the brutality of the moment and the way the scene is shot, I don’t know if the students are truly laughing or if Carrie has finally snapped.  This scene is just expertly shot, but sadly what comes after wasn’t all it could have been.  The image of young Carrie White in her prom dress drenched in blood is iconic horror imagery at it’s finest.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Tina is cut up along the walls and ceiling

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I am trying to stay away from death scenes on this list, but this scene is just perfect in every single way.  This is quite arguably my favorite death scene in any horror film there is.  The scene starts out slow, creeping you out, and ends in a blood path as Tina is cut up and dragged along the walls and ceiling of the bedroom as her poor boyfriend watches on in terror.  As her body falls to the ground, blood completely spatters everywhere covering each corner of the room.  This scene is scary, inventive, and just damn bloody!

2. Let the Right One In – Eli comes in uninvited

Let the Right One In

One thing I have always wondered is what happens if a vampire comes into your home uninvited?  Most works never tell you what happens, but this film finally dared to give us an answer.  I can’t be the only one who ever wondered this.  LET THE RIGHT ONE in gave us a brutal bloody surprise as Eli begins to bleed from every orifice of her body.  Her ears, eyes, gashes begin opening up.  This scene was a brutal surprise and I love what happens to the vampires if they are uninvited.  It is better than True Blood’s weak answer to my age-long question.

1. The Descent – Sarah in the blood pit

The Descent

And the number one spot goes to the modern masterpiece, THE DESCENT.  In one scene, the strong heroine, Sarah, is forced to kill her best friend in pain, and is then attacked by THREE crawlers.  While fighting them, she falls into a pit of blood and she continues on fighting.  In this scene she goes from scared woman to true hero.  This scene is expertly shot and everything comes together so perfectly.