Our Favorite LGBT Television Couples

With society’s increasing acceptance of LGBT members we are beginning to see more and more lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters in our media. Here Bryan E. and I bring you our favorite LGBTQ couples on television; ones that we believe offer viewers a glimpse at healthy, realistic LGBT relationships.  


1. Spencer and Ashley- South of Nowhere

Spencer and Ashley had a sweet yet tumultuous relationship that survived Spencer’s coming out, a school shooting, and Ashley’s sudden fame. Their relationship was completely realistic and relatable and both characters grew together.

2. Kurt and Blaine – Glee

Kurt and Blaine is the shining beacon of light on Glee.  Glee does a lot of things wrong, but one thing they did right was creating a realistic and healthy gay relationship with two teen boys.

3. Emily and Naomi – Skins UK

Skins UK has always showcased some great gay teen characters, but it was the relationship between Emily and Naomi that really added a lot of humanity to the show.  Their relationship was sweet…and to watch them progress and learn as a couple was beautiful. 

4. Carmen and Shane- The L Word

If you spoke to any fan of The L Word, chances are they’d say they wished Carmen and Shane had worked out. The relationship felt real and passionate and when Shane left Carmen at the alter you could hear the fans’ hearts breaking.


5. Michael and Ben – Queer as Folk US

QAF, a show I am not really a fan of did one thing incredibly right…and that was the relationship between Michael and Ben.  They were two regular guys who fell in love and got married, and one had AIDS.  The man with AIDS was shown in a good light, and the relationship was treated as a healthy one.

6. Agron and Nasir – Spartacus

Agron and Nasir’s relationship is sweet and loving, which stands out all the more against the violent and gruff world of Spartacus. This couple is proof that you can have two masculine men together, something stereotypes often overlook. The best thing about it is how accepting everyone was about it back then.

7. Willow and Tara – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While I loved the character of Oz, it was the relationship between Willow and Tara that I remember more.  Their relationship was unique (they were both witches) and they truly helped one another grow up and become better people.  Even after Tara was sadly killed off, you could still feel the good that she brought to Willow’s life.

8. Bette and Tina – The L Word

Bette and Tina’s relationship had its ups and downs throughout the series but their love for each other eventually ran out. The portrayal of their family (including daughter Angelica) shows how a gay family is just like a straight one.


9. Christian and Olli – Forbidden Love

An under seen German soap opera, that I used to watch on YouTube with subtitles, had a relationship between Christian and Olli.  The soap showed their fear and courage, as they became an openly gay couple. 

10. Becky and Adam – Degrassi

Becky and Adam’s relationship is important for two main reasons. First, Adam is transgender, something not usually addressed on television (especially on a show aimed at teenagers). Second, we witnessed Becky struggle with her religion before accepting Adam and her love for him.

11. Luke and Noah – As the World Turns

ATWT is known for the love story between Luke and Noah, and I remember watching this soap opera just for their relationship.  To see both men come out and finally reveal their love for one another was just amazing…and the lead up to the first kiss has to be one of the best lead ups to a kiss in television history. 

12. Callie and Arizona – Grey’s Anatomy

Callie and Arizona have gone through some major storylines on Grey’s Anatomy including deaths, plane crashes, and amputations. In the end we see a loving, successful couple with a beautiful daughter that can work through their issues.


13. Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto – Torchwood

Captain Jack is one of the first gay lead men in science fiction, already giving him a unique beginning, and add to that the adorable love interest in Ianto…and the show was a winner in this area.  Both men were shown to be realistic, vulnerable, but tough guys and their relationship added heart to the show. 

14. Alice and Tasha – The L Word

Alice and Tasha are a perfect example of how opposites attract. Despite their political and social differences, the passion and love between these two is evident and Tasha’s storyline involving Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was heartbreaking.

15. Bryan and David – The New Normal

Another show I’m not a fan of that has a great gay couple (a motif I’m noticing)…but the difference here is that the gay couple is THE central relationship and the core characters.  Bryan and David are a healthy couple looking to start a family of their own.  What makes them work is that they are treated as an ordinary couple, no different from anyone else…too bad they are held back by Ryan Murphy’s bad writing.

16. Mitchell and Cameron – Modern Family

  Mitchell and Cameron’s relationship may have shocked some when Modern Family first began airing but it has become a staple of Wednesday night television. Despite the comedic antics the couple gets into they are another example of a loving gay family.


17. Lafayette and Jesus – True Blood

True Blood is a show I once adored, and one I still enjoy; it mixes horror, fantasy, romance, and many other genres into a good campy fun mix.  While Sookie, Bill, and Eric are the core love triangle, it’s the relationship between feisty Lafayette and cool Jesus that added true depth.  Their relationship didn’t seem corny or unreal, but instead felt like an actual relationship. 

18. Emily and Maya – Pretty Little Liars

Emily’s coming out story on Pretty Little Liars was poignant and realistic and her blossoming love with Maya made it even more so. Unfortunately for Maya, she did not survive the danger of Rosewood but their relationship was one the viewers won’t forget.

19. Brian and Justin – Queer as Folk US

Honestly I wasn’t going to originally list this couple…but the more I thought about it, they really did do a lot for the faces of gay men.  While I have my personal issues with QAF not being a very good representation of the gay community, I will say that Justin and Brian’s relationship is one to be remembered.

20. Dana and Alice – The L Word

Dana and Alice was one of the show’s strongest couples. They began as best friends and soon realized their love for each other. Despite breaking up it was Alice who was with Dana at the very end when she passed away from breast cancer.