The Pull List: Must Read Comics of 3/6/2013

Alan Moore

Fashion Beast #7

By: Alan Moore, Facundo Percio

Publisher: Avatar Pres

Price: $3.99

The Lowdown: I feel like I haven’t spotlit this Alan Moore project, but his super weird post-apocalypse version of Beauty in the Beast still going on.


Hellboy in Hell #4

By: Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart

Publisher: Dark Horse

Price: $2.99

The Lowdown: This story has been so cool. It is like Hellboy’s own personal odyssey. We are getting a hell of a lot of cool backstory to what happened to Hellboy before the Nazi’s brought him to our world and what he was really intended for. I cannot wait to see what else Mignola has up his sleeve for his best creation. 

Joe Casey

Sex #1

By: Joe Casey, Piotr Kowalski

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

The Lowdown: Joe Casey has bumped around the different publishers, but most people will recognize his work on Cartoon Network.  He is a member of the writing troupe (for lack of a better word) Man of Action and had a hand in “Ben 10” and “Generator Rex.” Now, he is doing something much more adult oriented. He looks at one former superheroes attempt to reintegrate into the real world.


Age Of Ultron #1 (of 10)

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Bryan Hitch

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

The Lowdown: One of the Marvel Universe’s most fearsome villains, Ultron, is making good on his many promises of wiping out organic life. This is the ground level of the next big Marvel crossover event.


Avengers #7

By: Jonathan Hickman, Dustin Weaver

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

The Lowdown: The New Universe was a comic imprint of Marvel’s from the 80s. A lot like how DC Comics has Vertigo. It was supposed to a real world that got superhumans after something called the White Event. The imprint was also supposed to move in real time. Marvel has tried to bring it back a couple times. Now it looks like Marvel is going to work them into Marvel canon. New Universe character, Nightmask, is already a part of Hickman’s Avengers.