The Best Comics of Scott Snyder

In the past couple of years the comic book industry has the meteoric rise of a writer whose name alone on a book equals both sales and critical acclaim. Since catching the attention of horror fans with his Vertigo series, American VampireScott Snyder has risen to arguably becoming the top writer in comics right now. If you are looking to become better acquainted with the works of Snyder, then you have come to the right place.

amervampAmerican Vampire: In an era where vampires have become reduced to being the objects of affection for starry eyed girls; Snyder, along with Rafael Albuquerque and horror legend Stephen King, brought a new twist to the vampire mythos, steeped in history and violence, American Vampire. Currently on hiatus, this series for mature readers follows vampires; Skinner Sweet and Pearl Jones, the first of a new race of vampires native to United States and immune to the traditional vampire weaknesses. Their tale begins in the days of the Old West and weaves through the various violent and tumultuous periods in American history. With a cast rich in characters all of whom have an important part play, this comic is engrossing and worth the time necessary to immerse yourself in the world it takes place in.

Severed: An underrated gem of a mini-series, Scott Snyder and his co-writer Scott Tuft, tell an absolutely chilling tale of a carefree boy on an adventure at the turn of the twentieth century crossing paths with a man who is nothing short of a monster. Like American Vampire the tale is set against the backdrop of the past but the story telling style is very modern. Rather than an all out gorefest, this series takes its time, slowly building the tension and suspense until the powerful climax.

Batman: Black MirrorThis is the tale that turned Scott Snyder from a fan favorite horror writer and into the next big thing in comics. It was a strange time in Gotham City, as Dick Grayson was forced to don the cape and cowl of his mentor and take on the role of Batman. While many writers struggled with writing a fill-in Dark Knight, Snyder had it  figured it out from his debut issue in Detective Comics. Exploring Gotham City itself as an entity with which Batman must struggle with, Grayson watched before his eyes as the city he thought he knew transformed to prey on him just as it had done toe Bruce Wayne. In a bold but brilliant decision, he largely ignored the traditional Batman rogues in favor of villains who would challenge the sensibilities of the new Batman.  All the while an old acquaintance has returned to Gotham who has ties to both Dick Grayson and Commissioner Gordon. blackmirrorAdding to Snyder’s brilliant tales is the moody and noir-inspired artwork from; Jock and Francesco Francavilla set the tone of the series beautifully.

BatmanWhen DC was putting together teams for their New 52  one has to wonder if teaming Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo was one of the first choices they made. The pair has proven to be a dream team telling tales of the Dark Knight that has old fans and newcomers alike anxious after each issue to see what happens next. From battling for the soul of Gotham with the Court of Owls to the return of Batman’s arch nemesis, Scott Snyder is in the midst of what will soon be a legendary comics run.

Let us not forget that with just a single issue in his newest Vertigo series, The Wake, already has fans giddy with joy and the anticipation of a good scare. And later on this year, the scribe changes gears and takes and leaves the shadows of Gotham City for the bright skyscrapers of Metropolis in the upcoming, Superman Unchained alongside comics legend, Jim Lee.