Dead Files Top 10 Episodes

If you enjoy shows about the paranormal, cable television has shortage of programs to keep you entertained. But one show takes a completely different approach to paranormal investigation, rather than a team armed with gadgets and night vision cameras, viewers are given a retired NYPD detective with an investigators keen mind and one of the world’s dead1most renowned mediums, the twist being the two of them conduct their investigations independently of each other. In each episode Steve DiSchiavi brings his no-nonsense approach to chasing down leads and researching the past to put together a picture of what is going on with each haunting. But when night falls, Amy Allan walks through the property in question, which has been stripped of any personal mementos or objects which could sway how she views things. At the end of each episode the duo meets with their clients and exchange the information they have discovered in their investigations. One of the most compelling shows dealing with the supernatural is bound to have some standout episodes, so here are the Top 10 episodes of the Dead Files.

The Ax Murder House: Those who read what I normally write for the House of Geekery may already know the story, but for those who do not know the story; in the summer of 1912, the Moore family was found hacked to pieces in a crime that is still unsolved to this day. In the years which have followed the home, which this brutal crime took place has become a tourist attraction of sorts, and the tour guide who lives next door has called in the Dead Files duo to see if they can shed some light onto this mysterious murder. Utilizing his detective skills, DiSchavi learns interesting facts about the ax murders themselves as well who may be responsible for carrying out the crime. But it is Amy who delivers the shocker as she learned that the spirits of the eight people who lost their lives in this Iowa farm house are tired of being treated as a tourist attraction and are not allowed to rest in peace.

Death & Dolls: In a recent poll 99 out of 100 people are terrified of haunted dolls (the one being author Kevin Cain). Which adds an extra level of uneasiness to this episode. As Amy Allan points out during her walk-through, clutter in a house creates a level of chaos and confusion on a spiritual as well as physical level. In a home full of antique dolls, many spirits are trapped in the toys reaching out to the medium as she journeys through the home. On the other half of the investigation Steve DisSchavi does little to hide the fact that even with years of experience in the NYPD, this is one of the weirdest things he has ever seen.


The Soul Collector: Every parent wants to keep their child safe, and when a mother of eight in West Virginia is pushed to the breaking point she is forced to call to DiSchiavi and Allan for help.Amy is shocked to be rushed with countless spirits in agony once she enters the home, immediately knowing this is not a standard haunting. In fact a black clad spirit from the 1800’s has taken up haunting this home, through his detective work DiSchavi discovered that this is the ghost of the man who once owned the property the home now stands on. The residual spiritual energy of the area has been building up for over a hundred years in this area and the family that resides there now is suffering the consequences of it.

Consumed: A dying woman has only one last request, to find the truth behind the paranormal occurrences tearing her family apart. This is a particularly emotional episode as Steve and Amy are given the burden of granting their client’s final wish to help her loved ones. As Steve digs into the history of the area, Amy explores why the spirits in the home are troubling an already dying woman.

dead3Demon War: Any paranormal investigator will tell you, that when the haunting is demonic in nature it becomes an entirely different and more dangerous ballgame. So viewers can not help but be horrified by what this family in Toledo, Ohio are experiencing as, the duo investigators find multiple dark entities in their home battling for control, with them caught in the middle. Fortunately for the family in the home the spirit of an elderly man is looking out for them as best as he can against the darkness.

Hotel Nowhere: I may not be a business expert, but if you are going to build a hotel out of a historic mansion, such as the California businessman in this episode, make sure it was not formerly the local hospital for the mentally insane.But in this episode a smarmy businessman has turned the old mental hospital into a Halloween attraction with plans to turn it into a hotel for thrill seekers. Amy discovers unsurprisingly that the poor spirits who already suffered in life do not appreciate being used as a theme attraction in death.

Scandal in the South: A family in Cartersville, Georgia find their historic home, haunted by the spirits of their town’s past. As this home served as the home for the local sheriff, and where he was killed, in the 1920’s, Steve’s skills as a historian and criminal investigator come heavily into play in this episode.


Blood on the Tracks: In the world of paranormal research, it is common that hot spots of supernatural activity coincide with railroad tracks. This is why a couple in Garrett, Indiana have called in Steve and Amy to help them deal with the haunting in their home. The investigators learn throughout the course of the episode that the spirits who reside in their home are being preyed upon by an inhuman entity who has the living set in his sights.

Controlled: One of the hallmarks of the show comes at the end when Amy Allan consults with the family about how and if, they can free themselves from the supernatural forces in their home. But sometimes on rare occasions the experienced medium can only offer the advice to not fight and rather leave it behind. A family is being tormented and the children are seeing a being with red eyes and sharp teeth in their nightmares and while they are awake. As Steve DiSchavi digs deeper he uncovers that this property is the site of the town’s greatest sin which has served as the catalyst for the paranormal activity his client is enduring.

Madhouse: There is nothing quite like a historic theater, they always seem to have a bit of magic to them. Usually the souls of those who performed or work there tend to hang around after they should pass on. In Missouri, Amy and Steve look into a theater that was home to a deadly love triangle which continues to haunt it.