5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 10

And here we are at the event I was unsure would ever arrive, the tenth edition of my creepy unsolved mysteries series. When I began writing these articles I was unsure as to how long it would go and right now I do not see an end in sight. I am especially grateful to those of you who have expressed such kind words in the comments section like, Ben, habiblamour, and many others. There are still monsters lurking in the darkness, ghosts haunting historic sights, and crimes that are left as cold cases. So without further ado here is the latest editiong of 5 creepy unsolved mysteries. And once again if you have not already, check out the rest of the series here:

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  • Fire in the Sky abduction: Quitting time is something just about all of us look forward to at the end of the day, but one night for Travis Walton and his coworkers, the end of the work day was the beginning of a five day nightmare. Whilst driving down from the heavily forested mountain where they worked as a logging crew, the group spotted a blazing UFO in the shape of a golden disc, hovering above the nearby treeline. Being young and brash, Walton took it upon himself to exit the work truck and get closer to the flying saucer. His coworkers claimed the object fired out a bluish-green light which sucked Walton away.  Naturally the claim that Walton was abducted by an extraterrestrial force, drew skepticism from law enforcement who began investigation into Walton’s disappearance with a suspicious eye on the loggers. A lack of evidence to make an arrest annoyed investigators to the point that they made the logging crew take a polygraph test. The results of the test concluded, that each of them firmly believed that a UFO had taken their friend away.  By this time, the tale of a logger being abducted by aliens had become a worldwide media sensation drawing more attention onto all involved. The investigation continued until five days later, when a cold and delirious Travis Walton made a phone call to his family from a town thirty miles away. In the days which followed, Walton was restored to health and normality, but the story he told of what happened to him in those five days was the stuff of nightmares. He recalled how he was experimented on by a group of aliens, known to UFOlogists as the Greys. At the end of their procedures, he was given a tour of the ship by a humanoid with large golden eyes. At the end of it all, they drugged the logger and left him back on earth. Walton’s harrowing tale has been adapted into various forms of media, most notably the 1993 film, Fire in the Sky starring Robert Patrick and James Garner.



2. Gilgo Beach Killer: Who is the most prolific killer in the history of New York City? Could it possibly be “the Son of Sam” David Berkowitz? Or perhaps the “Mad Bomber” George P. Metesky? Both of these guesses are wrong, because according to law enforcement the murderer with the highest body count in the history of the Big Apple goes by the colorful nickname, the Gilgo Beach Killer. Never heard of him? That is because this slasher is still at large and investigators are no closer to learning his identity. From 1997 until 2013 the Killer has left a trail of bodies in Long Island, with his victims consisting mostly of sex workers and possibly a toddler whose remains were discovered on the beach. Authorities are not sure how many lives he’s claimed but they know its 10-17. For the Gilgo Beach Killer, has proven himself to be nothing short of a sadist, at one point using his victim’s mobile phone to call and harass her family. Investigators tried to track the killer through these phone calls and at one point in 2009 came within moments of catching him in Times Square. To this day the NYPD is at a lost as to the identity of the killer.


3. Rescued by the Grim Reaper: It is no secret that in Western culture, the Grim Reaper has come to symbolize death and dread, but on a cold winter day in Maryland, an eight year child was rescued by this hooded ominous figure. Dennis Wardrop, was just a child when he was skating on a frozen pond until he moved right into a patch of thin ice which he fell right through into the icy waters below. As water filled his lungs he prepared to meet his eventual end, but something began to poke him. He reached out and grabbed the object and was pulled back to the surface. When he came to he was terrified to find a tall dark hooded figure with a scythe before him, looking closer Wardrop noticed that this ominous figure did not have a face, rather it was a skull with eye sockets empty, except for a whirling dark red light. The Reaper told him it was not yet his time as he wandered off leaving a lasting impression on the boy.


4. The M Cave: In the realms of conspiracy theories, there are more secret underground bases and bunkers than anyone can count, from Dulce to Liyobaa, and everything in between. But earlier this year a new one has come to prominence, the M Cave.  Last fall, experienced hiker and explorer, Kenny Veach, was exploring a mountainous region near an Air Force base when he claims to have discovered an entrance to a cave in the shape of an M. Naturally being the adventurous type, Veach entered the cavern. Despite having done this a million times, Veach claimed he began to feel uneasy and reportedly heard voices from deep inside the cavern, his body began to shake violently until he quickly high tailed it out of there. The explorer took to social media to tell others of his discovery, most notably this Youtube video:

If you don’t have twenty minutes to spare, the video shows Veach going back to the site of the cave only to discover it is no longer there. That was the last anyone has seen of him. Friends, family, and the authorities have combed the desert searching for the missing explorer but no sign of him has turned up. Many claim that the M Cave which served as the root of all this, was a hoax, but if so why did Kenny Veach risk his life to return to the spot to prove his experience to be true? Naturally many have suggested that he stumbled across a secret he was not supposed to know, with the infamous cave being so close to an Air Force base this is not outside of the realm of possibility.


5. Villisca Axe Murders: In a sister piece of sorts to this series, I wrote about five of the most haunted places in America (check it out here), in which I discussed the Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa.It was 1912, and respected Villisca businessman, Josiah Moore and his wife Sara played host to two girls to spend the night with their own four children. The following morning neighbors became concerned when nobody from the Moore family had come out to take part in their morning activities. When they went to investigate their neighbors discovered to their horror, all six people in the house had been hacked to pieces with an axe during the night. Given how admired the Moore family was in this small community the news of this crime spread and the people of Villisca acted with shock and horror. A sloppy investigation was conducted by local law enforcement and the list of suspects ranging from, Josiah’s business peers to the local clergy, but no conviction was ever made. As time passed passed, developers tried to utilize the site of this grizzly crime scene as a rental property, but nobody lasted long as the restless spirits of the family are still active in the home. Adding to the creepiness which already existed in the site, many sensitives and paranormal investigators have claimed that the spirit of the axe murderer himself still haunts the attic of the home, adding evidence to the theory that many of held that the murderer hid out in the attic of the home before striking out and killing the family.