5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 14

It is time at last to indulge you reader with another edition of 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries. The latest in this series looks at dinosaurs, strange travelers, and once again we look at the mystery of the Men in Black who pop up quite frequently in this series. Once again if you wish to peruse through the tales of the unknown we have covered so far feel free to look through them. Without ado, I submit for your approval 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 14

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1. A Traveler from Taured: In the Tokyo International Airport in 1954, a man travelling to the country on business found himself whisked away to an interrogation room when he presented his passport, and if this were television it would be at this moment when Rod Serling would appear to submit this tale for our approval. There was nothing wrong with his documents and everything seemed in order except the passport was from a nation called, Taured. The traveler claimed that Taured was a small nation in Europe situated between France and Germany. On his person investigators found a checkbook from a financial institution in this nation as well as a drivers license, even the passport itself was stamped with legitimate visas and he had currency for several European nations. If this was a hoax, the hoaxer was very thorough. The interrogators presented the man with a map to point out this country and he pointed to the Principality of Andorra, but he vehemently claimed that that was the location of Taured and had been for a millennium. Frustrated at their lack of progress, the customs officials sent the man to a hotel for the night with two guards so that they could continue their investigation in the morning. Imagine their surprise when the two guards discovered the next day that the traveler had vanished without a trace. Since his room was 15 stories above an incredibly busy street it is unlike the traveler jumped, hopefully wherever he ended up the traveler is back in Taured.


2. Men in Black Caught on Camera: Those of you who read this series regularly have noticed a running theme, where a UFO or other strange thing is seen and the mysterious Men in Black show up at the scene to cover things up. In their trademark suits and mannerisms described as being nonhuman in nature, these mysterious figures have become woven into the culture of the paranormal. But in a hotel in Ontario a security camera may have finally captured these men on film. An employee of the hotel had claimed to have recently seen a UFO and was telling his colleagues about it. Sure enough two men clad in black suits and sunglasses came looking for him. Luckily this unnamed employee was not there this particular day but this did not stop these shadowy visitors from questioning those whom he worked with to discover just what he had told them about his encounter. But like most businesses, the hotel had a security camera in the lobby which captured the two men on film. Could we finally have visual evidence that the Men in Black actually exist?


3. Mokele-mbembe: Unless you are currently employed by InGen, you have accepted the tragic facts that the dinosaurs have all entered into extinction and we will never see one in our lifetimes. This is unless you feel brave enough to venture into the dense and deadly jungles surrounding the Congo River, where the locals tell of a creature they call, Mokele-mbembe. When adventurers from Europe and North America began to first make contact with these tribes in the early 1900’s they learned that this monstrous animal would use its size to block up the rivers, naturally the Westerners thought they were talking about a hippopotamus, until the natives said Mokele-mbembe would fight the hippos. When they saw sketches of the animal, the explorers instantly recognized it to be a sauropod dinosaur such as an Apatosaurus. In 1919 tales of the creature inspired the Smithsonian Institute to send an expedition to find it, and while the explorers came up empty handed they did find unusual large footprints said to be left in its wake. But the Smithsonian was not the only prestigious institution to take a fascination with this creature, as British, French, and Japanese financiers funded expeditions to find this animal. To this day no proof of Mokele-mbembe’s existence has been found, yet the idea that a living dinosaur could be dwelling within a region that few people dare to go should stir the inner Indiana Jones in all of us.


4. Walhalla Hitchhiker: If you find yourself driving down Highway 107 South Carolina at night, and see a hitchhiker on the side of the road in a dark coat, then you now must decide if you are going to pick up the ghostly entity known as the Walhalla Hitchhiker. The traveler is believed to be the spirit of pilot, Larry Stephens, who crashed his plane in the area in the 1950’s and whose body was never recovered. Those who have picked up the Walhalla Hitchhiker claimed that the spirit bore a close physical resemblance to the pilot and even appears to be wearing the same coat Stephens wore on his ill-fated flight. It appears that in the afterlife Stephens is looking for a ride to either, Moody Springs or Piedmont Overlook depending on which direction you are travelling.


5. The Gold of the Desert Fox: German military commander Erwin Rommel, also known as the Desert Fox, was one of the greatest tacticians of the Second World War. His cerebral leadership style and military successes made him a hero to the German people despite his open defiance of Hitler, even to the point of conspiring to kill the dictator. Rommel was one of the few officers who escaped any accusations of war crimes as he treated all of his prisoners with respect, both Jew and Gentile, while ignoring the various commands to kill them. During one of his military excursions in Tunisia, the Desert Fox stumbled upon six reinforced steel boxes which caught his attention. According to those who served under him, these boxes contained several pounds of gold. That is where things go cold, as Hitler forced the general into taking his own life leaving the location of the gold a mystery. Many believe Rommel and his men buried the treasure somewhere under the sands of North Africa, while others say it was on a boat to be transported back to Germany which was sunk.