Five Creepy Unexplained Mysteries Part 5

This week I am continuing my series to explore some of the most chilling cases of the unexplained to occur. If you wish to get caught up on the rest of the series feel free to check them out; here, here, here, and here. Submitted for your approval here are five more creepy unexplained mysteries.


1. Indrid Cold: In the winter of 1966 sewing machine salesman Woody Derenberger became the subject of one of the most chilling UFO cases of all time. While navigating the dark roads of West Virginia on a cold evening, Derenberger heard what he thought was one of the sewing machines falling out of his truck. When he stopped to recover it, the salesman was shocked to see a mysterious craft in the road before him. As with many other stories of this ilk, the craft opened and a creature unlike anything else emerged and approached Derenberger. He described the being as tall and humanoid, wearing a black overcoat and an unnerving grin permanently etched on its face.  Through telepathy the mysterious being carried on a conversation with the frightened salesman, explaining that he was a traveler and began a line of questions. Before the alien departed back to his craft, Woody asked for his name and was told that it was Indrid Cold, and that he would be sure to see Derenberger again. In the years that followed Cold as well as other aliens and the mysterious Men in Black, began to make periodic visits to Derenberger and his family bringing with them a sense of dread. Paranormal researchers have even pointed out that only weeks after the encounter with Indrid Cold, the now infamous Mothman began to terrorize the region, leading many to draw a connection between the two creatures. Recently, Woody Derenberger’s daughter Taunia Bowman has published a book detailing the terrifying ordeal which her father experienced.


2. The Green Eyed Monster of Chickamauga: Though the fields where the sounds of muskets and cannons once filled the air are silent and eerily peaceful, the American Civil War has left an indelible mark on the nation. From Gettysburg to Vicksburg, almost all of the battlefields from this conflict are reported to be haunted. But on the field of Chickamauga in Georgia  ghosts are not the only thing haunting the land. In the years following the end of the war reports began to come out of a beast with green glowing eyes stalking the area terrifying both tourists and park rangers in the dead of night. It was dubbed “Ol’ Green Eyes” by the people of the region who knew better than to trifle with the creature. Many believe the legend that this is one of the many spirits leftover from the bloody combat of 150 years before. Others believe the origins of this creature are far more sinister, and point to tales the Indians of the area once told of the same green eyed monster. Whichever it is, be sure to be cautious when you find yourself  at Chickamauga after night fall.


3. The U28 Creature: During the tumultuous years of World War I, a group of sailors witnessed something that has yet to be explained, and remains one of the greatest mysteries in maritime history. On the high seas in the summer of 1915 a British battleship, the Iberian,  crossed paths with the German U-Boat U28, commanded by the veteran, Baron Von Forstner. Naturally a battle ensued and the Iberian came out on the losing side. As the German crew watched the enemy boat sink they noticed there was a strange disturbance beneath the waves as the Iberian‘s boilers exploded and debris began top float to the surface. As the experienced crew of sailors watched, an enormous creature leaped out of the water and flew through the air. Reported by Baron Von Forstner to be 60-100 feet in length and resembling a crocodile, the creature dived back into the water and vanished beneath the depth. Baron Von Forstner was willing to risk his career in order to tell people about the sea monster he had witnessed, and now the monster witnessed by the crew of the U28 has joined the ranks of the greatest mysteries of the ocean.


4. The Isdal Woman: In 1970 the horribly burned body of a woman is discovered in the forested Isdalen Valley of Norway; little did anyone know, this was the opening of one of the strangest murder cases in history. Around the corpse investigators discovered; bottles of gasoline and liquor, a burned passport, and a bunch of sleeping pills. Authorities were able to track down many of her belongings, but strangely the labels of her clothes had been ripped off and her prescription medicine bottles were missing labels which could identify the victim. The mystery of the so-called Isdal Woman deepened when it was discovered that she possessed numerous wigs as well as fake passports stamped with Russian visas. In the days leading up to her death several people had encountered the woman, but each of the witnesses recounted very different things about her. Some said that she was an antique collector from South Africa; others said she was an Italian photographer. The last anyone had seen of this enigmatic woman when she was alive, she was clothed in evening wear and venturing through the dark and rocky forest at night accompanied by two men. Many speculate on whether these were the men who killed her, or if there is something more at work. Questions still linger over what exactly the Isdal Woman was involved with; many suspect that she was even tied up in the strange world of Cold War espionage.


5. Perseus and the Manhattan Project: It is almost a shame that one of the greatest collections of scientists to ever convene, did so in order to create a weapon which has caused so much death and destruction. As World War II waged on prominent scientists like; J. Robert Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, and Enrico Fermi; were tasked by the United States government with creating the most powerful weapon the world had ever seen. Despite the clandestine nature of the Manhattan Project, many other nations suspected that something was afoot in the desert of New Mexico. As expected one such nation was the Soviet Union, a world power which would serve as a constant foe in the decades which followed. In 1991 it was revealed that the one of the scientists involved in the Manhattan Project was actually funneling information to the Kremlin from 1943 to 1946 using the code name Perseus. The thought that one of the world’s most prominent scientists was a spy is a bit shocking, even more shocking is the fact that to this day nobody knows which scientist it was. Before the identity of Perseus was revealed the Russian government covered up all the documents regarding the mission and have yet to spill the beans on the events.