The Pull List: 2/4/2015

Must read comics of the week


Annihilator #5

The penultimate issue of one of last year’s best books. Secrets are revealed of Nomax’s crimes as Ray circles the drain.


East of West #17

This issue focuses on how the elongated Civil War has effected each nation with foreshadowing about which ones will rise and which will crumble.


Feathers #2

I really dug the first issue. It was like Oliver Twist, Disney’s Aladdin, and Hellboy all wrapped up into one adventure.


Postal #1

The FBI targets a small town that works as a haven for fugitives. They see the postal service as the weak link to sneak an undercover agent.


Spawn #250

The 250th issue of Spawn, a pretty sweet accomplishment for an indie series.