Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 12

It is time once again for us to explore the realms of the unknown and the unexplained as we present five more creepy unsolved mysteries for your delight. If you wish to look back on previous editions feel free to read them here:

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1. The Extraterrestrial Murder of Zigmund Adamski: It is safe to say that anyone reading this site has seen their share of horror/science fiction flicks where the terrifying alien ruthlessly slaughters their human victims. But on a pile of coal in Tingley, England, evidence points to the fact that these sorts of films became too real. In the summer of 1980, miner Zigmund Adamski went out to do a little bit of shopping and was not seen for five days. When he finally turned up, he was lying dead on a mound of coal in broad daylight. When investigators hit the scene they naturally looked for footprints which would inevitably be plentiful in the coal and dust surrounding the body. But the ground around the body was devoid of such evidence, strangely enough Adamski’s body also showed no traces coal, going by this police could only draw the conclusion that; in the middle of the afternoon something dropped him from the sky onto the pile of coal. The official cause of death was listed as a heart attack but investigators were puzzled at the presence of strange burns all over his body which were coated in an unidentified gel substance. Since nothing within the realm of the known world can explain what happened to Zigmund Adamski, there are those involved with the case who have drawn the conclusion that an alien force must have played a role in this death.


2. Anna Bixby’ Treasure: In the hilariously named town of Cave-In, Illinois exists a legend which has been passed on through the years. Anna Bixby once called the area home, and despite having no formal training became renowned as a doctor, when she discovered the cause for a mass sickness in the region was not a supernatural curse but rather from the local dairy cows eating a poisonous root and passing it on through their milk. Utilizing her knowledge of natural remedies she was able to put together a cure for the people of Cave-In. Unfortunately, during this time she lost her husband to pneumonia and remarried a man who was a shady character named, Eson Bigsby, whom many suspected was only interested in her fortune. Sure enough, one night Bigsby and his gang beat the doctor and bound her in chains and attempted to murder her. Anna was able to survive and discovered a cave on the shores of the Ohio River and stored her valuables within the cave before passing away. In the years which followed many have gone into the cave in search of the legendary treasure but have come back empty handed. But many have reported being run off by a ghostly woman carrying a lantern believed to be Dr. Bixby.



3. HMS Daedalus Sea Serpent: Since humankind first took to the seas there have been reports of them seeing large serpents and monsters terrorizing the waters. In this series we have covered more than a few of these sightings, but this one may be the most popular sea serpent sighting in maritime history. The HMS Daedalus was traveling to St. Helena under the leadership of Captain Peter M’Quhoe with a passenger list which included many prominent and respected citizens. As they were about halfway to their destination; the captain as well as many crew members and passengers noticed a dark brown creature with yellowish patterns around its throat. In a report to his superiors, M’Quhoe gave a detailed description of the creature, claiming it was over 60 feet long with a mane around its snake-like head. Artists were able to create an illustration of the serpent based on the eye-witness accounts and the image has since become one of the most famous in cryptozoology.



4. Lost Tool Makers: In 2011 an archeology dig in the deserts of Kenya made a discovery which could potentially change how we view evolution on this planet. These archeologists uncovered 149 stones which had been manipulated by an intelligent being of some kind to have a sharpened edges for cutting. When these artifacts were dated they were to have been made over 3.3 million years ago, which was long before humans began their reign as dominate species. Theories abound as researchers wonder if these were made by a group of pre-human ancestors or if another intelligent race called this planet home at one point.

by Lombardi & Co, albumen carte-de-visite, 1876

by Lombardi & Co, albumen carte-de-visite, 1876

5.  The Poisoning of Charles Bravo: For three agonizing days in London in 1876, a young lawyer named Charles Bravo suffered and died from being poisoned by potassium antimony. Fortunately the dying man, knew who was responsible for his demise, which would have been helpful if he were willing to tell investigators. The investigation which followed read like an Agatha Christie story (who by the way even took a crack at solving this case and came up with nothing), there was a trophy wife, her shady former lover, a maid, and a whole host of other characters with a possible motive to kill. Sadly this high profile case never went anywhere and to this day, sleuths with the best technology and knowledge at their disposal come up short in an attempt to solve this crime.