Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 8

Just because we are on our eighth installment of this series it does not mean mysteries are not getting any more normal. From unsolved murders, to monsters, to other bizarre events; this series continues with Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 8. Feel free to explore the other parts in this series such as this one here.


1. The Curious Case of Arnold Archembeau & Ruby Bruguier: Imagine relaxing in the back seat of a car while a trusted friend drives you. But when you look up, the driver is gone, leaving you terrified before the inevitable destruction. This is what happened to Tracy Bruguier during a horrific event in 1992. As Tracy slept in the backseat during a ride back from a party, her cousin Ruby sat up front while Ruby’s boyfriend Arnold Archembeau drove them all. The rode was slick with ice and the trio had been drinking and inevitably they went crashing into a ditch. When Tracy awoke she found that Arnold was now missing and Ruby was quickly ducking out of the vehicle. When the police arrived they began a thorough search for the missing couple, only to come up with nothing. This is just the beginning of a strange chain of events, surrounding this case. Despite the fact that the police had conducted a heavy search of the area; the bodies of the couple had appeared a few months later just a few feet away from the crash site in an area the authorities had searched multiple times.  Forensic investigators were puzzled over the fact that the two were in very different stages in the decomposition process. The area around them now had tufts of Ruby’s hair which was not there in the initial search. Friends of the two were questioned and curiously one of them swore that he had attended a party with Arnold just the week before. It has been more than a decade later than the mystery of this couple continues to deepen.


2. Thunderbird in the Old West: In the 1930’s; combat veteran, miner, and cattle rancher, Major Horace Bell had his first-hand account of life in the American West in the 1800’s published in a popular book. Since its publication, one chapter of his tales has fascinated readers, when he recounted an encounter with an airborne monster in the Lake Elizabeth area. Bell told how the newspapers of the time told of strange events around Lake Elizabeth, a body of water that has been believed to be home of a monster since the earliest settlers set up in the area. Farmers had tried over several decades to set up a homestead in the area, yet they all claimed to have been terrorized and run off by a flying reptile with a massive wing span. Eventually the creature was driven east by the people of the area and reportedly ended up in the area of Tombstone, Arizona, where it began a new reign of terror. It was around this time, that Bell claimed two cowboys successfully hunted down and killed the creature. The living dinosaur had a 160 foot wing span with an 8 foot beak held together by incredibly strong jaw muscles. According to Bell’s account, the two men cut off a tip of the animal’s wing and took it into town as their trophy. Many considered this to be a folk tale, until the 1960’s when historians uncovered more tales from Tombstone in that era, of others who had witnessed the creature and also encountered the cowboys who ended its reign of terror.


3. The Mad Gasser: Despite the ravages of the Great Depression, the rural area of Botetourt County, Virginia, was a relatively peaceful region until December 1933 when a mysterious figure began a crime spree which remains unsolved to this day. It was late in the Huffman household when the family was awakened to the heavy smell of gas flooding their home. Though the clan survived they had to deal with an array of horrible symptoms from inhaling the fumes. Police investigated the scene and came to the conclusion that they had been intentionally poisoned, yet the only evidence found was a footprint of a woman’s shoe by the window the gas entered in through. Through February of the following year numerous other households were attacked by the Mad Gasser. Each  time the victims suffered from; vomiting, headaches, burning, numbness, and other horrible ailments. Each time these were investigated the only evidence uncovered were a woman’s footprints, if any evidence was found at all. Just as soon as they began these attacks ended; and this would be the end of our story; except a decade later in Mattoon, Illinois an identical series of gas attacks began. These attacks differed because this time, the Gasser was spotted by a witness during an early attack. He was described as a tall, strange looking man clad in black. The citizenry of Mattoon were thrown into chaos by the Gasser and civil unrest took hold of the town. Despite being the most wanted person in the state of Illinois, the Mad Gasser’s attacks only grew in ambition, until just as suddenly as he appeared he vanished without a trace.


4. California Gold: Last year a couple in California made the greatest discovery of their life; buried in their backyard were a collection of tin cans filled with gold coins. In total the treasure equaled a little over $10 million dollars. And while this may bring Jack Sparrow to salivate the question remained, where did it come from? The most prominent theory is that it is the loot from a heist in San Francisco from a century before, but there is no solid evidence to tie the robbery to this incredible discovery.


5. The Green Children of Woolpit: In the 12th century, the village of Woolpit found itself at the center of an event which would go down in British history and lore as one of the strangest incidents in recorded history. On the edges of town while a reaper worked the fields, he came across a young boy and a young girl. The children had green skin and communicated in an unknown language; the reaper brought them back to the village to try and figure out where the came from. Though their identities were never discovered the children ingrained themselves into the farming village, until the boy eventually developed a strange illness and died. Over time the surviving girl lost her green pigmentation and adopted English as her main language. Though much of the historical records have been lost, it is commonly believed that she married into nobility and became the wife of an ambassador. But mystery of where these children came from lingers on in Woolpit.