5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 15

It is time to once again peer into the unexplained and the unknown with the latest edition of 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries . In this edition we will look at a house of pure evil, more animals we know nothing about, a secret order that may hold a vast treasure, and other creepy tales of the unexplored. Submitted for your approval here are 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 15, and as per usual if you wish to peruse the previous editions in this series feel free to do so below.

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1. Monster Snake of the Congo: We have talked before about what may living in the dense and sparsely populated jungles of Central Africa. One of the most frightening creatures that may live in this dangerous region was spotted by, Remy Van Lierde, a decorated pilot of the Second World War, as he flew a helicopter over the Congo in 1959. Van Lierde and his passengers spotted a snake he reported to easily be 50 feet in length, its scales were black and its belly was white. Hoping to get a photograph of the animal, the expert pilot made another pass around the immediate area which got the attention of the monster snake. The snake reportedly came 10 feet off the ground in an attempt to strike at the aircraft, but it was too far away, but one of Remy Van Lierde’s passengers did manage to take a photograph of the creature which is often sighted by cryptozoologists to further their field of research.


2. The House of Death in Greenwich Village: In the Greenwich Village area of New York lies a house that gives many locals a chill just looking at it. The brownstone house does in fact have a rich history, including a moment in time when Mark Twain resided there, but a place is not dubbed the House of Death for having a pleasant past. In the 1960’s, actress and poet Jan Bryant Bartell lived in the home and found herself the victim of an unseen force which made her life miserable. The actress’ dog would constantly bark and growl at and empty chair, and from time to time she felt an icy hand grab her. Bartell got off easy compared to the other tenants in the home as a series of; suicides, brutal murders, and “accidents” struck the various residence. In search of help, Bartell consulted with a local medium who held a séance which reportedly terrified all of those in attendance. While entranced the medium contacted several spirits of those buried beneath the house, most notably a violent Civil War widow who vowed never to leave. Jan Bryant Bartell wrote a book documenting her experiences before taking her own life as so many others in the house’s past have done.


3. Knights of the Golden Circle: As tension began to flare in the United States and the Civil War loomed on the horizon a secretive group was formed called, the Knights of the Golden Circle. This order was not just content to have the South declare its independence, they wanted the Confederacy to also extend and conquer Central and South America. When the war broke out many of their high ranking members became prominent figures in the military and political machinations of the Confederate States. In order to sabotage the Union war effort, the Golden Circle used guerrilla warfare to steal guns, ammunition and most importantly lots of gold. When the war was over, the Knights of the Golden Circle disappeared. Despite the best intelligence efforts, their plunder and their members had gone into hiding. Now legends and secrets pervade folklore as to what happened to the gold they acquired during the war. Using codes, secret maps, and in the case of one spot a ghost, the Knights were able to keep the locations of the gold a secret. Given their efficiency in vanishing so quickly, there are those who believe that this cabal still exists somewhere. In fact rumors and firsthand accounts from cities like; Memphis, Atlanta, and Charleston, suggest they operated well into the 20th century.


4. Stephenville UFO: Usually when a UFO is spotted it is only witnessed by a handful of people, as mass sightings of these crafts are rare. One such rare case occurred in Stephenville, Texas in 2008 when several people throughout the city saw a massive object, the size of a football field, moving unusually fast through the sky. Many of the witnesses claimed that at one point F-16 fighter jets took to the skies in order to further investigate the matter, at which point the massive UFO began to fly in reverse before it vanished. Many in the media caught wind of this mass UFO sightings and began to ask those in power for answers. The United States Air Force spent two weeks denying anything, until they abruptly changed course and said that it was in fact a training mission involving the F-16 fighter jets. This might suffice, except when the images of the FAA radar from that day were taken, there clearly is the image of a large unidentified object being pursued by Air Force fighters.


5. The Disappearance of Kelly Dove: It was the summer of 1982 in Harrisonburg, Virginia when a 911 call came through shortly after midnight from a woman named, Kelly Dove. Dove was working the graveyard shift at a local gas station and someone was repeatedly calling her over the phone with obscene and vile messages. Like true professionals the police….well the police did nothing. A few minutes later Dove called back claiming that she was being harassed by a male customer and she needed police assistance. Again law enforcement did nothing. At 2:30 AM a terrified Dove called for a third time claiming the man from before had returned and she desperately needed the police. This time, the Harrisonburg PD decided they had had enough of this horror movie scenario and actually did their jobs. When they arrived at the gas station they found no sign of a struggle, but also no Kelly Dove whose purse was right where she left it. The officers did not close the store nor did they dust for fingerprints in the ensuing investigation and faced the harsh backlash of the community. To this day the whereabouts of Kelly Dove are unknown.