5 Creepy Unexplained Mysteries Part 3

Here we are again, preparing for another Halloween season. This is a time that is ideal to look at five more creepy unexplained mysteries which continue to baffle experts and investigators.  If you missed the first two editions of this series, be sure to check them out here and here. So without further ado here is the next five mysteries to enthrall you.


5. Le Loyon: Venturing a path through the Swiss countryside for a decade now, is a mysterious figure in a, fur coat, combat boots, and a gas mask; this strange traveler has been dubbed by those who have seen him/her, Le Loyon. Despite travelling the same path and being sighted numerous times throughout the past ten years, the above picture is the only one that exists of the silent being. It was captured last year by an amateur photographer who recounts that as soon as he snapped the picture, Le Loyon turned back and stared at him before continuing on his way. Le Loyon has never been reported to have bothered anyone, or even interacted with anyone for that matter, he continues on his solitary way. A bizarre new element of this story cropped up late last year, when an alleged suicide note from Le Loyon was discovered. The masked man had apparently grown weary and troubled by constantly being hunted and wished to do nothing more than to bring a bit of diversity to the world. This begs the question of whether or not Le Loyon did actually commit suicide or if he is still dwelling in the Swiss countryside undiscovered by society.


4. The Disappearance of Martha Wright: When we hear someone has disappeared, our minds often go to the idea of them running off, or being kidnapped (in which their captors better count themselves lucky that Liam Neeson is of no relation to their victim). But in 1975 with the case of Martha Wright, we have a woman who simply vanished into thin air. While making the trip from New York to New Jersey on a rainy, Jackson Wright and his wife Martha had to go through the Lincoln Tunnel. The condensation began to collect on the windows on the car so Jackson pulled over to the side to wipe down the windshield in the hopes of restoring his visibility. Eager to help, Martha took a towel to wipe off the back windshield. In the few seconds it took Jackson to clean the windshield he looked up to see that his wife was no longer there. Police investigated the strange event and came to the conclusion that the window of time between, when she was last seen  and when she vanished was too short for her to have run away; likewise no other vehicle pulled over in that time which could have taken her. By all accounts, in 1975 in the Lincoln Tunnel, the woman known as Martha Wright had simply ceased to be.


3. The Kecksburg Incident: When it comes tom flying saucers crashing in the United States, everyone knows about Roswell, New Mexico. But many years later, in 1965, another craft from beyond our world crashed in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania causing the people of this planet to once again ponder their place in the universe. On a cold December, hundreds of people in the small town of Kecksburg witnessed a ball of fire crash to the ground attracting a crowd clamoring to see what had just fallen onto their town. Witnesses reported to have seen a gold acorn shaped object with hieroglyphs, smoldering in a crater in the woods. As per the custom, before the locals or law enforcement could react to this strange event, mysterious agents of the federal government began to crawl out of the woodwork to quickly obscure the facts and ensure any evidence of the event was taken away. Having learned their lesson in Roswell, the federal government did their work in a more cloak and dagger style in order to cover-up the strange event. This has not stopped the countless witnesses who saw the UFO which crashed on the small village in 1965 from telling their story and speculating as to what happened to the strange craft they had seen.


2. Beast of Bray Road: All of us know werewolves are nothing more than the monsters of fairy tales and horror films; but in rural Wisconsin the idea of a wolf-like creature stalking the night is all too real. In 1936 on Bray Road in the small town of Elkhorn, a man driving past the area which was the site of an Indian burial ground (you can’t make this stuff up), saw what was appeared to be a furry animal digging in the dirt. The witness slowed down to get a better look at the animal and was horrified when it quit digging and stood up on its hind legs. The creature was described as a terrifying hybrid of an ape and a wolf, and it emitted a strange sound. This was the first of many sightings in Jefferson County, Winsconsin of the wolf-like beast, dubbed the Beast of Bray Road. In the decades which followed, this cryptid was seen by numerous people not just in Wisconsin, but across the entire Midwest. A massive spike in sightings came in the late 80’s and early 90’s when many people reported seeing entire groups of these wolf-like creatures. It remains to be seen if whether the Beast of Bray Road is in fact a human who transforms into a wolf, like so many works of fiction, or just an undiscovered animal just waiting to be found out.


1. Dyatlov Pass Incident: When a group of nine adventurers decided to trek to a slope, known by the people who once lived there as “Mountain of the Dead” things were bound to go downhill (no pun intended) for them. The strangeness of what is known as the Dyaltov Pass Incident, did not come from the fact that the hikers died but the manner in which they were discovered. In Russia in 1959, a search team went out to find out what happened to a group of nine experienced hikers who disappeared in the mountains. In the snow covered mountains, they came across the tattered and abandoned camp site with a collection of barefoot human footsteps in the snow. Which begged the question; why would they take off their shoes in temperatures well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. The event got stranger yet when the first group of frozen bodies were found a mile away from the abandoned camp site, huddled around the remains of a fire. The remains of the other hikers were discovered scattered throughout the area, many of them buried under the snow. Upon closer inspection of the bodies, it was discovered that they had suffered from numerous internal injuries and broken bones, yet they showed no signs of any external injuries which would have led to this. As the investigation continued more questions arose about the fate of the adventurers; why were some almost naked, while others were fully clothed? Why did the bodies emit low levels of radiation? And most frighteningly, why was Lyudmilla Dubinina’s missing her tongue and eyes? Many theories have been posed as to what happened on that horribly cold night, but due to the strange nature of the event none these theories begin to explain what may have happened.