Casting Call: Wonder Woman’s Greek Gods

I am basing these on Cliff Chaing’s New 52 versions. I like his versions. They were a hodge podge of different looks: classic toga looks, monstrous details, and/or contemporary symbolism and motifs.

Wonder Woman

Zeus – Manu Bennet

The Father of the Gods. God of the Sky. Instead of the usual, puffy gray haired generic god look, the new 52 Zeus has a darker complexion and dreads. He has more of a Conan the Barbarian look, and he even has the super bad attitude to go with it. Manu Bennett brings a gravitas to anger and definitely has the physique to go sword to sandal with the best gladiators out there.

Wonder Woman

Hera – Kate Winslet

Goddess of Marriage and Women. The Wife of Zeus (and Sister, but we don’t really talk about that). Hera was kind of a cruel jerk in the new 52. She is all pompous and pretentious right before she falls and loses her power, and then she continues to be pompous and pretentious. Like a celebutante who loses all her money but is still super drama-y. Winslet is one of the best actresses in the industry, but when she needs to be icy, she is down right sub-zero. I think she’ll be able to inject some humor and enough charm so the character isn’t such a burden as well.


Hermes – Doug Jones

Messenger of the Gods. Hermes becomes one of Diana’s closest allies. He has a tall and lanky figure making him tailor made for the performance artist Doug Jones who is usually buried under prothestics. Jones has such a likable screen presence that you can read through any amount of foam and paint, and I would love to see him get a bigger role to sink his teeth into. I have full confidence he can nail Hermes’ deadpan wit, and when I was reading the comics, I could hear his voice.

Wonder Woman

Ares – Lennie James

God of War. He is very world-weary now with a gaunt figure and an old timer’s beard. His feet have walked over so many battlefields he is now permanently stained with the blood of brave soldiers. No one does world weary better than Lennie James. Whether during The Walking Dead’s end of the world or Jericho‘s, he carries the world on his shoulders with angry words and sad eyes.

Wonder Woman

Poseidon – Michael Gambon

God of the Sea. Poseidon is a bit of a traditionalist. He takes the form of this frog-squid-walrus creature who rides around in the belly of a bigger beast that looks just like himself. Obviously the character is more of a CGI creation, but it needs a strong voice to bring him to life. Gambon’s voice has an interesting quality. It is booming without being loud. It is also welcoming and authoritative.

Wonder Woman

Hades – Tye Sheridan

God of the Underworld. Hades is a pint sized creepy kid with melting wax candles on his head. Ironically, he is pretty cool and confident, never really losing his composure. He is intimidating the way that he is almost never bothered by anything. It is hard choosing an actor to portray those things but also be young enough to look like this version of Hades. Luckily, it is a bit of a golden age for child actors, and we have someone like Tye Sheridan, a truly gifted young star who is bound for greatness.


Hephaestus – Nick Offerman

God of Fire and Masonry. Hephaestus is the unruly blacksmith to the gods, creating armor and weapons for their many needs. He is a sarcastic grump who can easily fly off the handle toward any of his god brethren. He is practically Ron Swanson already, so why not just cast the guy who plays Ron Swanson, funny man Nick Offerman, who balances his humor with a down home charm and blue collar wisdom.

Wonder Woman

Apollo – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

God of Art and the Sun. Apollo is marble skinned with a deep glow coming from his eyes and mouth. He is a smooth operator with a commanding presence. Like Hades, he is another real slick individual who always keeps composure. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje not only looks like the character, but he is pretty slick himself. I think he gets saddles with a lot of savage characters, but I would love to see him play more of a playboy James Bond type.

Wonder Woman

Artemis – Emily Blunt

Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. Artemis is the warrior spirit brought to life. She has a bit of an angry streak flip-flopping in Wonder Woman’s fight. Sometimes she is an ally; sometimes she is a villain. After watching Edge of Tomorrow, I pretty much just want to see Blunt kick more ass (and then some more after that). She does somber really well, but her inherent sense of humor can really bring out the trash-talker in Artemis.

Wonder Woman

Eris – Eva Green

Goddess of Chaos. Known as Stryfe to the other gods, Eris is a creepy gothic debutante party girl never without alcohol near by who takes great pleasure in causing pain and confusion. She is like Staler and Waldorf from the Muppets following around Diana and the other gods throwing insults with a real “holier than thou” attitude. Eva Green has made a career on being “holier than thou,” and she can bring some of that slinky sexiness and femme fatale presence.