E3 2013 Trailer Roundup: Day Two

By Hedge

Day two of the E3 trailer bonanza was highlighted by Nintendo event held online by Satoru Iwata. Making up for the lack of Nintendo first-party releases on day one, we’ve got a veritable bounty of them here today as well as some new additions for the wider console arena. The presentation may have been dull as dishwater but some of the trailers, as well as third party announcements from the first real day of the convention, are worth a look for sure.

Yoshi’s New Island – 3DS Exclusive

Yoshi’s Island was pretty great back in the “olden days”, and this revival looks quite interesting, with a nice art style. Not sure how much innovation it’ll bring to the series though. For the most part it looks like much of the same as the original title. Whether that is good or bad, I suppose, is a matter of perspective.

Wii Party – WiiU Exclusive

Mario Party style minigames for your Miis. So less fun than Mario Party? Most of the attraction to that franchise was playing as the Nintendo stalwarts – much like Super Smash Bros. I’ve never really cared for Mii games myself but the minigames themselves have some novelty.

Mario Kart 8 – WiiU Exclusive

I’m a sucker for Mario Kart – this, Super Smash Bros and Pokémon X/Y are probably the only Nintendo games at E3 that have held my interest for long – and there are some nice additions to the series. Playable Waluigi, returning fan favourites, innovative tracks and some really crisp visuals give this a big thumbs up from me.

Super Mario 3D World – WiiU Exclusive

Isomorphic style 3D platforming with multiplayer and catsuits. Gameplay is very typical of the series, which is to be expected. The game offers four player action as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad and has the same crisp visual style of Mario Kart 8. Nothing too innovative, but fun looking all the same.

Pokémon X & Y – 3DS Exclusive

Finally given a release date of October 12. New trailer has some gameplay footage. With the base of the Eiffel Tower in one clip, it’s pretty obvious this confirms the location as Poké-France. Apparently we also get to Tamagotchi/Nintendogs-up our Pokémon.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – WiiU Exclusive

Another DK game. This one is a download only title. Vikings are invading the jungle. Platform your way to victory!

The Wonderful 101 – WiiU Exclusive

I don’t even know what this is, but it looks fun as hell.

Wind Waker HD – WiiU Exclusive

A high def update to the Gamecube title is due for release sometime this year. It does look rather spiffy, and some updates have been made to increase the fluidity of exploration. That said, it is a ten year old title that should qualify as little more than a WiiWare game. I fail to see why this is taking development precedence over say Super Smash Bros. which I’ve listed below. I also don’t get why a HD upscale of a decade old game is in their front page. That they felt they could include this, to me, in their flagship presentation says that there isn’t much of note happening at Nintendo HQ.

Bayonetta 2 – WiiU Exclusive

After some footage, Iwata talked about her haircut. I shit you not. His first comments were that she used to have very long hair, but she’s had a makeover now. What is going on? Then we were shown “gameplay footage” which consisted of about nine seconds of randomly thrown together and mostly incoherent scenes.

X – WiiU Exclusive

An open world game about mechs and monsters. Apparently it is a selling point that the mechs can fly, if the direct event was to be believed. Certainly never seen that before. I’m not sure about this one, or why everyone is so excited. It certainly isn’t a new concept and it looks like a 2011 Xbox 360 or PS3 release.

Super Smash Bros – 3DS and WiiU

Super Smash Bros. is coming to 3DS and WiiU, complete with your favourite characters from around the Nintendo universe – Mario, DK, Pokémon, and the new addition of the Animal Crossing Villager. Also joining them is MegaMan. So that should be pretty rad. Less exciting is the news that the Wii Fit trainer will also be a character playable in the game. No that wasn’t a joke. If only it were. The games will have level design specific to their platform; levels based on handheld games for the 3DS and levels based on classic console titles for the WiiU version. Although neither is dropping til 2014. 2014.  Why? The additions of MegaMan and the Villager is nice but why on Earth is this taking until 2014 to release? The game stores here have had coming soon props up for almost a year now; since the WiiU was first released. What in the world is taking them so long?

Bloodmasque – iOS

A Squenix JRPG style iOS game, running on Unreal Engine 3, that uses your own face as that of the player character? Interesting indeed. I’m surprised more games haven’t made use of this kind of immersion, as uncanny valley as it may be at times. I’m assuming we’re going to have a silent protagonist based on the video. Also interesting is what appears to be gameplay using either borrowed, AI controlled renditions of your friends characters (purloined from Game Centre perhaps) or as live, online or local play multiplayer.

Pikmin 3 – WiiU Exclusive

Pikmin on the Gamecube was always pretty fun, even if I never was very good at it. This threequel has multiplayer, and that shallow depth of field that is so popular in games these days from SimCity through to Supr Mario 3D World.

The Walking Dead 400 Days – PS4, XBOne, PC, Mac and iOS

Five stories play out from five different perspectives in this bridge between TWD Season One and Season Two. Choices made will continue to effect the narrative, and as before it brings a gorgeously scruffy art style inspired by the work of comic series artist Charlie Adlard. The tone is right there with the first game in this stellar series. I welcome this. Openly.

Metal Gear Solid V – PS4 and XBOne

Most of what I have heard about MGSV is from embittered fans whining loudly about the exclusion of David Hayter from this new sequel in the long running and long winded series. MGSV is open world and full of the usual action and stealth.

From the opener you could be forgiven for thinking this was Red Dead Gear Solid but soon he jumps in a jeep and then the back of a truck and all is well. The music is a little naff, and the trailer actually doesn’t show us a single Metal Gear anywhere in amongst the action but Keifer Sutherland is now voicing Snake for some reason so that’s interesting. The other characters are the usual mix – attractive female sniper, Ocelot, Hal ‘Otacon’ Emmerich, weird villains with names like Skull Face, oh and there’s a kid now who looks like he fell out of a Final Fantasy cosplay competition and would up in a war zone.

Visually MGS games always look stunning, but I wonder if I’ll be able to sit through this one. Guns of the Patriots lost me pretty quickly.

Thief – PS4, XBOne and PC

This gameplay free cinematic trailer is certainly pretty, but tells us about as much as yesterday’s Halo teaser did. Nice to know the game is in production but I doubt we’ll be playing it at home any time soon.

Is it just me or is this the same voice actor as WATCH_DOGS Aiden Pearce? Maybe not. Similarly growly though.

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – 3DS Exclusive

The newest handheld Zelda title is ostensibly a remake of A Link To The Past, with the added ability to flatten Link into a 2D sprite rendition akin to the classic titles and use this new form as a way of exploring otherwise unreachable areas of the game map.

InFamous: Second Son – PS4 Exclusive

A lot of people were really excited by this trailer and it’s easy to see why. The presentation is flawless; such crisp graphics and stellar ambiance. Like the other Triple-A titles of the week WATCH_DOGS and The Division the focus on creating a fully realised world that uses the next generation consoles to the best of their ability has paid off. Mostly it makes me consider that if this is how great things are looking now, imagine what we’ll be seeing one, two and three years into the lifespan of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Quantum Break – XBOne Exclusive

An Xbox One exclusive title from Remedy, Quantum Break involves the breakdown of time itself and a mission to save, well, everything. Certainly looks stunning. Be nice to see some gameplay soon to confirm that.

Stay tuned for more E3 coverage this week.