Dark Matters: Twisted But True-A Show for Science Geeks

If there is one thing us geeks love it’s a GOOD show about science. I must emphasize the GOOD of that previous sentence, because anybody can make a television series dealing with scientific subject matter. But it takes a special spark of creativity to make something like MythbustersBill Nye the Science Guy or Nova. These are the kind of shows which take the subject far too many slept through in school and makes it hip and, dare I say, sexy.  It is time to add a new show to this hallowed list, hosted by fanboy favorite John NobleDark Matters: Twisted But True, looks through the dark and often hidden history of scientific research in order to find and reenact some of the most controversial and disturbing experiments in history.

dark_mattersWith tales of Nazi flying saucers, a real Doctor Frankenstein, and The Philadelphia ExperimentDark Matters has no shortage of tales that are frightening yet fascinating for fans. Noble proves to be a perfect host; not simply because of his gravitas and captivating voice, but he has just completed a stint playing a scientist who would get involved with these kinds of experiments on the beloved series, Fringe. Naturally, in order to add a sense of legitimacy to the show, real scientists are on hand to add expert input to the strange tales as well as break down the science heavy elements in a way that they are easily understood. What sets Dark Matters apart from other shows is the unique subject matter; it explores the side of science that many in the field try to cover up. For far too many fans this will be the first time they learn about many of these moments in scientific history. The tone of the reenactments have a certain style to them which makes the dark subject matter fun and entertaining. 

The first season is currently available to viewers via Netflix’s streaming service. If you are a science geek, paranormal enthusiast, or a fan of the bizarre and freakish, this show is certainly worth a watch.