The Pull List: Must Read Comics of 6/26/2013


Age Of Ultron #10 AI

By: Mark Waid, Andre Araujo, Sara Pichelli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: The Age of Ultron event had some cool issues but was overall  dud. It was cool for them to put some focus on Henry Pym, who was in desperate need of a win. This issue in particular will spotlight Pym and change his role in the Marvel Universe.

Batman Superman

Batman Superman #1

By: Greg Pak, Jae Lee

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: Despite the new 52 being a reboot that definitely skipped a few years after the origin phase of the superhero journey, this goes back to chronicle the first meeting of DC’s 2 premiere characters, Superman and Batman. The old Superman/Batman was a pretty cool story. I mean, it was a bit gimmicky and sometimes seemed to stand alone, but most of the time, it really captured the friendship between Batman and Superman. Hopefully, this new series can capture some similar results.


Bounce #2

By: Joe Casey, David Messina

Publisher: Image Comics

The Lowdown: I spotlit this new series because it was brand new, and I thought what the hell. It turned out much better than I thought it would. It reminded me quite a bit of Kirkman’s Invincible. The Bounce gets some Spider-Man like powers and decides to fight crime only to overturn a world of super-powered individuals that was previously kept secret from the outside world. 

Hawkeye Avengers

Hawkeye #11

By: Matt Fraction, Francesco Francavilla

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: An entire issue from the point of view of Hawkeye’s new dog, which Fraction calls Pizza Dog and Hawkeye calls Lucky because he refused to name him Arrow. He gets hired to solve a crime- somehow- the same murder that rocked the last 2 issues of Hawkeye.

Flash Justice League

Flash #21

By: Brian Buccellato, Francis Manapul

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: The Flash bumps heads with the Teen Titans and finally meets Kid Flash. 

Justice League

Justice League #21

By: Geoff Johns, Gary Frank

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: The Trinity War is closer and closer every issue, but the real selling point of this issue is it has the conclusion of the Shazam origin story in an extra sized issued.

Justice League

Justice League Of America #5

By: Geoff Johns, David Finch

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: I really like the way that Geoff Johns is introducing the Super Society this time around. They are like an evil Illuminati group rather than a bunch of random rogues teaming up to take out the heroes at once since they suck as individuals. Their motivation sounds like it will be revealed this time around after the death last issue (which I doubt will stick)


Uncanny #1

By: Andy Diggle, Aaron Campbell, Jock

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

The Lowdown: This new story from the team that rebooted Losers and brought us Green Arrow: Year One creates a brand new superhuman tale. It is about Weaver, a gambler, con artist, and thief-for-hire, who has the ability to steal people’s memories, skills, and expertise. He sounds kind of like Rogue, but it isn’t clear from the premise just how he goes about getting that expertise. 

Scott Snyder

The Wake #2 (of 10)

By: Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: A group of scientists is brought to the “Ghost Rig,” a secretive submerged oil rig on the ocean floor. It’s like Creature of the Black Lagoon, Alien, and The Abyss all wrapped into one thing. It will probably beat Prometheus at its own game. 


X-Men #2

By: Brian Wood, Olivier Coipel

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: This is the second issue in Brian Wood’s all-female X-book that features the return of the X-villain, John Sublime, and the debut of his evil sister.


Young Avengers #6

By: Kieron Gillen, Kate Brown, Jamie McKelvie

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: Missing from the earlier issues was Young Avengers member, Speed, who shows up this issue. Plus David Alleyne (aka Prodigy) of the X-Men seems to be joining the team. His position with the X-Men definitely got sidetracked after losing his power on M-Day (even though he kept some skills and stayed with the group). He hasn’t even showed up in the background or in group shots like he used to. Back in action now, hopefully!