Disney Dinner and a Movie: Pocahontas

Pocahontas (1995) is another classic Disney film with adorable characters and memorable songs. Unlike some others, this one comes with a twisted version of history and some long-lasting messages about accepting people who are different from you and not angering talking trees. This film has some of the most poignant imagery of any Disney films (especially Pocahontas running to wave goodbye to John Smith) and some of the most heartbreaking moments as well. Besides being a great watch, Pocahontas gives us some great ideas for accompanying food.


For an appetizer I tried to make “gourmet” crackers. I got this idea from Meeko’s constant quest for John Smith’s treats. I made a spread from cream cheese and spinach and herb dip mix and spread it on garlic and chive pita chips. Easy, quick, and delicious. This is a great snack to eat while enjoying the film.


For our main course I wanted to make something that the real Pocahontas and her people would have eaten. The corn was an easy choice, especially since it shows up so much in the film. I didn’t do anything fancy to it, just put it on the grill for a little while. To go along with it I decided to make a three-bean salad. To make it more colorful I added tri-color pasta, diced peppers and onions, and Italian dressing. This is an especially great recipe for a barbeque.


For dessert I used the scene of Meeko eating the rasperries as inspiration to make a berry tart. I used this easy recipe which could have been a completely raw dish, except I popped it in the oven to make it warm and gooey. This is also great for those who are gluten and dairy free since the crust is made from walnuts and raisins (I used dates). I skipped the filling since I was lacking the ingrediants but I would love to make it again with it, since it looks scrumptious. Even without the caramel almond layer, this tart was fresh and delicious and my whole family loved it.


Pocahontas is a fan favorite when it comes to Disney films. Nothing betas Colors of the Wind when it comes to beautiful songs wit a good message and gorgeous animation attached. It’s a great film to enjoy any time of the year but with these recipes, this could easily be a summer tradition. Pocahontas gave me an opportunity to make a relatively healthy meal that was fresh, light and perfect for summertime. 

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