The Pull List: 9/11/2013


Batman #23.2 Riddler

Publisher: DC Comics

Honestly, this whole villains month experiment is probably going to be a bust for DC Comics. It is probably one of the worst ideas they have had since starting the new 52.  However,  if there was one rogue I really wanted Batman-scribe Scott Snyder to tackle it was Riddler. 

Deadpool, Wolverine

Deadpool #16

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I am really excited about this new arc. Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America decide to take out the Weapons Plus program for good. The first issue was especially good. Watching Deadpool be Deadpool but also hang out with Wolvie and Cap like a regular character, rather than a punchline that they are constantly rolling their eyes at, is always fun. Its part of what made Remender’s Uncanny X-Force so damn good. 


FBP Federal Bureau of Physics #3

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

This comic was originally titled Collider, which is why I missed issue #2 at the end of August. I am going to have to track it down. It is about a law enforcement agency that goes around trying to fix problems with the laws of physics. They are kind of like firefighters, or a more blue collar version of the tv series, “Fringe.”


Fearless Defenders #9

Publisher: Marvel

Now that Elsa Bloodstone has joined the Valkyries search for new shieldmaidens (even though she should be a shieldmaiden ), it’s as good a time as any for the Fearless Defenders to face off against their exes, brought together by Venom, Valkyries’ ex, for some reason. Should be fun!


Kings Watch #1 (of 5)

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

If you don’t know about Dynamite Entertainment, they are a comic book company that has collected a bunch of character licenses (or public domains, not sure, probably a mix). They have rebooted Lone Ranger, Zorro, The Shadow, Battlestar Galactica, Green Hornet, and many others. This particular title brings The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Flash Gordon together to fight a common enemy.


Locke & Key Alpha #1

Publisher: IDW Publishing

The second-to-last issue of Locke and Key ever. Joe Hill’s epic horror fantasy about a house full of magical keys that only the kids know about comes to, what I expect, should be an epic conclusion.


Mighty Avengers #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

With Cap taking the Avengers to space, New York is left in Luke Cage’s hands who reforms a group of temporary Avengers, including regular Avenger, Spider-Man, and the new Power Man.


Mythopolis #1

Publisher: Ardden Entertainment

The book is being described as The Godfather vs Alien, where a group of strangers find out they have something in common.


X-Men #5

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Part  3 of the big X-crossover event, Battle of the Atom. A team of X-Men from the future visit the present to try and send the X-Men from the past back to where they came from. Unfortunately, Jean and Scott rabbited.