The Pull List: 11/27/2013

Must read comics of 11/27/2013


All New X-Men #19

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Fallout from “Battle of the Atom,” Kitty Pryde is reeling from losing her students to Cyclops, so says the solicitation. Although, in the actual crossover I could have sworn she went with him.

Justice Leagu

Aquaman #25

Publisher: DC Comics

This issue is a extra-sized one for the conclusion of “Death of a King,” where Arthur figures out the true burden of responsibility being the king of Atlantis is.


Avengers Arena #18

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This is the final issue (although its getting a sequel) of a bunch of junior superheroes in a deathmatch. Yea, the NYCC covers spoil a few survivors, but this series has been so surprisingly excellent that you got to tune in anyway.


Black Science #1

Publisher: Image Comics

After Rick Remender’s incredible work at Marvel, I’m pretty interested in whatever he’s going to do from now on. According to the cover, it looks like an old-fashioned piece of sci-fi. It sort of sounds like Fantastic Four except without superpowers. A group of scientists and explorers are stuck movie dimension to dimension.

Avengers Hawkeye

Hawkeye #14

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye is taking a little break from Clint to focus on Kate and see what she’s been up to since the events of he annual.


Infinity #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The over-sized conclusion to Hickman’s stellar Marvel crossover event, Infinity. Seriously, this is the way to do crossovers. Most of the Avengers go to space to stop an intergalactic threat teamed up with some of Marvel’s most powerful cosmic characters, while the Illumanti fight off an attack from Thanos, who decides to make his move while the Avengers are gone. Well, the Avengers are speeding their way back to stand against Thanos as Earth struggles to survive.


Pretty Deadly #2

Publisher: Image Comics

I loved the first issue. This is definitely a story to look out for, a macabre western  following the daughter of Death itself.


Saga #16

Publisher: Image Comics

This issue promises to follow these 2 new characters who have been hanging out on the fringe of this adventure, a couple of journalists who caught wind of the biggest story ever: the one we are usually reading.

Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #28

Publisher: IDW Publishing

This will be the conclusion of the City Fall arc where Leonardo is working with Shredder, Casey Jones is in the hospital, and the leaders of the NYC gangs are fighting it out….oh wait, is that?……I think it is? Bebop and Rocksteady!

Wolverine X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men #38

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After the events of “Battle of the Atom,” Wolverine has a new enemy to fend off, SHIELD.


X-Files Season 10 #6

Publisher: IDW Publishing

The last arc was definitely jumping in head first not really dancing around any of the sci-fi/magic elements that are often times ambiguous, so I am excited to see where they go. Plus, the Flukeman is back, and it brought some friends.