Movie Review: ‘Homefront’

As a movie fan I have always been incredibly picky about action films. In order for me to enjoy them, I need to see them as something greater than just a mere action flick (ie the Dark Knight Trilogy) or, on the other end of the spectrum the film needs to bask in its action goodness and provide nonstop entertainment. The latest film from Jason Statham an adaptation of the book by Chuck Logan, Homefront is a clear example of the latter kind of action film. With a screenplay penned by the legendary Sylvester Stallone, Homefront is a nonstop dose of adrenaline sure to please any fan of old-school macho flicks seldom seen nowadays. Despite the barrage of beatdowns delivered by Statham to an array of hillbilly bad guys, many will be surprised at the heart and depth that the movie attempts to have.


Statham plays, Phil Broker the standard tough-as-nails cop who tries to leave that life behind. He and his daughter take up residence in the back swamps of Louisiana, but run afoul of local meth maker played by James Franco. As the struggle, which begins with a playground scuffle leads to a violent battle between Broker and his past, Homefront holds the audience enthralled. This is mostly due to the eclectic, yet strong cast. James Franco continues to show his diversity as an actor as the villainous “Gator”, a small town crook with hopes of grandeur who has no problem manipulating  his addict girlfriend played by the always enjoyable Winona Ryder. There is also fan favorite Clancy Brown (he makes every movie better) as well as the seldom seen Kate Bosworth.  But the biggest surprise of the cast is Izabela Vidovic, who despite a young age delivers a strong performance as Statham’s daughter. Despite the action heaviness of the picture there is also some great elements of a thriller in Homefront. Many have lambasted this movie for it’s nostalgic macho vibe, the likes of which was prevalent in the 80’s. But with so few movies utilizing this method anymore a nostalgic throwback is welcome in my book.

Overall 7 out of 10.