The Pull List: 12/18/13

The Must Read Comics of 12/18/13


All New X-Men #20

Marvel Comics

X-23 is back in action. She hasn’t been seen by the actual X-Men since being abducted by Arcade for his wacko game in Avengers Arena. Its a little weird that she is teaming up with the young X-Men under Cyclops tutelage instead of big brother Wolverine.


East Of West #8

Image Comics

Supposedly this will be a revelatory issue. East of West could use it. Sure, it is jam packed with awesome sci-fi/fantasy elements, but it is starting to spin its wheels.


FF #15

Marvel Comics

This ought to be a big issue. Last issue Scott Lang pulled out all the stop to battle ready his team and school to take on the newest threat to the Marvel Universe, Doom the Annihilating Conqueror, a combination of Dr. Doom, Annihilus, and Kang the Conqueror. 


Locke & Key Alpha #2 

IDW Publishing

This is it. All she wrote. For whom the bell tolls. The very last issue of Joe Hill’s fantasy horror family drama.


Saga #17

Image Comics

Prince Robot IV has caught up with the lovers and their new family. 


Uncanny Avengers #15

Marvel Comics

Last issue was pretty intense. Lots of death! Lots of strategic maneuvers that don’t always go as you hoped! These Apocalypse twins are real bitches.

Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29

IDW Publishing

With City Fall arc over, the turtle team goes to April’s farmhouse to collect themselves. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #26

DC Comics

The solicit takes about a sadistic sister of Wonder Woman’s that she hasn’t met yet named Cassandra. Cassandra? They aren’t talking about Wonder Girl, are they? I really hope not. I mean, yeah, she had an attitude and was pretty aggressive in Teen Titans, but she wasn’t a bad person.