The Pull List: 1/15/2013

Must read comics of 1/15/2013

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Curse #1

Publisher: Boom! Studios

A new miniseries from Boom! Studios about a family man fallen on hard times. To make ends meet, he sets out into the woods to find an elusive killer for the substantial bounty. He ends up biting off more than he can chew when he comes face to face with a werewolf.


Disney Kingdoms Seekers Of Weird #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This special miniseries from Marvel and parent company, Disney, is based on the planned but never created Disney attraction Museum of Weird. It follows the adventure of 2 teen siblings and their swashbuckling uncle to save their parents. It is the first of what could be many to come under the “Disney Kingdoms” banner.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #16

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The final issue of Matt Fraction’s take on the Fantastic Four before they are rebooted for some Marvel Now synergy. I haven’t really followed this book, but it sounds like it will cross paths with the Future Foundation taking on the triple threat bad guy Doom the Conquering Annihilator.


Miracleman #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Apparently this is a reprint of the Alan Moore series. I actually thought it was going to be a reboot or maybe a Marvel introduction of the character into their world. Or something like that. Anyway, this legendary comic will be available soon again.


Thunderbolts #20

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Ghost Rider joins the team of the Thunderbolts. Should fit right in.


X-Files Conspiracy #1 

Publisher: IDW Publishing

While X-Files Season 10 is still trucking along, IDW is taking a smallish detour with this 2 issue mini series focusing on the Lone Gunmen.  And in a scary jump-the-shark moment, they follow leads on the Ninja Turtles, the Ghostbusters, the Transformers, and The Crow (All of whom just happen to be owned and occasionally crossed over by IDW).