Oz Comic Con Perth – Day 1 Cosplay Roundup


By Hedge

Convention season has begun here in Perth with Oz Comic Con and boy has the cosplayer turn out been spectacular. I’m always impressed by the skill and dedication Perth cosplayers put into their work and this year has been no exception. From My Little Pony, to the X-Men, through Doctor Who and even HoG’s first ever Captain N cosplay virtually every franchise is represented by Perth’s hardcore.

We didn’t catch everyone today, but these are those of you we did stop and snap. As always, share the pics freely!

OCCPDay1 - Cosplay 2-5 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-01 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-02 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-04 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-05 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-06 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-07 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-08 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-09 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-10 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-11 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-12 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-13 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-15 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-16 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-17 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-18 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-19 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-20 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-21 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-22 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-23 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-24 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-25 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-26 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-27 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-28 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-29 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-30 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-31 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-32 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-33 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-34 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-35 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-36 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-37 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-38 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-39 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-40 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-41 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-44 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-45 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-46 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-47 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-48 OCCPDay1 - Cosplay2-49



We’ll be meeting more wonderful geeks and taking photos of more excellent cosplay tomorrow, so keep an eye out for Funk and Hedge.