Oz Comic Con Perth – Day 2 Cosplay Roundup


By Hedge

Day two of Oz Comic Con Perth was chock full of panels, Q&As and interviews so we didn’t spend as much time on the floor today as on day one. Still, you cosplayers were out in force and we were not disappointed by what you brought to the party.

OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-01 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-02 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-03 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-04 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-05

OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-06

Without question, my favourite cosplay of the weekend. A superb Deathstroke.

OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-07 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-08 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-09 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-10 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-11 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-12 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-13 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-14 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-15 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-16 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-17 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-18 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-19 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-20 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-21 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-22 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-23 OCCPDay2 - Cosplay-24

Silent Hill artist T-Rex Jones meets Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill artist T-Rex Jones meets Pyramid Head.


That’s all from us for now, but come back during the week for a rundown of the convention plus interviews and photos galore. Don’t forget to tag us if you share any of these on Facebook 😀