The Pull List: 5/21/2014

Must read comics debuting 5/21/2014


Batman And Frankenstein #31

The hunt for Robin continues. Batman is on the trail of Ra’s al Ghul who has stolen the bodies of Damien and Talia to try and revive them. Batman has been teaming up with allies old and new and now he has run in to Frankenstein, an awesome character that I didn’t think DC was going to embrace. 


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Ten #3

I thought it would be interested to note that former Buffy co-star, Nicholas Brendon, better known as Scooby member, Xander Harris. These Buffy books are written sort of like the TV series with a group of writer’s banging out the bigger strokes while they all take some of the issues. 


Daredevil #3

It turns out Daredevil is not the only New York transplant in San Fran. The Owl shows his ugly mug just as Daredevil made a new enemy out of the former do-gooder, The Shroud.


Forever Evil #7

Finally! The last issue of Forever Evil comes out. It was delayed for some reason, but the other books continued on anyway. It is possibly that some things have been spoiled, but for the most part I think most of it has been kept tight-lipped thankfully.

Justice League

Justice League #30

Justice League gets a much needed shake-up with Lex Luthor and possibly Captain Cold joining their ranks after their heroic deeds during Forever Evil. This decision turned a lot of heads, and I think its sad that so many people were unwilling to give it a chance. Justice League has probably been one of the most boring flagships of the DC universe that they have had in a long time. 


Monster & Madman #3

This very interesting Frankenstein sequel comes to an end. I have been enjoying the gothic, scribbly take.


Original Sin #2

Original Sin had already shaken things up. Nick Fury is out of retirement. The Illuminati has been outed to the Avengers, and Captain America’s hand in screwing up the Infinity Stones has been revealed. More shit will be hitting the proverbial fan.


Saga #19

Ugh, it has been so long since Saga came out. But what is this? New direction? Same universe? I didn’t know the previous issue might have been the last time I would see the adventures of Hazel’s family. I suppose they might still be involved to be honest. The series would definitely be worse off without Hazel’s narration.