‘Arrow’ Season 2: Comic to TV Character Guide (Part 2)

View Part 1 of Season 2. Spoilers for Season 2


Played by Firefly‘s Sean Maher

In the comics, Shrapnel is a being completely composed of scrap metal. He has control over every little piece capable of shooting them off his body. Even if Arrow didn’t go out of its way to make all its super-powered characters grounded, I have a hard time thinking they would ever be able to get this character on screen on a TV budget. So, the metal man has been replaced with a terrorist bomber. Shrapnel gets his name from the pieces of scrap he attached to his explosives and targets Alderman Blood’s campaign. Later, he is a member of the Suicide Squad (of which the comic version was a member for one mission).


Mother Mayhem

Played by Ana Mercedes

In the comics, Mother Mayhem was Brother Blood’s birth mother. Her real name was Anna Resik, and she was a devout member of the Cult of Blood. In the TV series, she is not so devote. With a first name change to Maya, Brother Blood’s mother is now one of his victims rather than a disciple. She is institutionalized by Blood in a local hospital.


Nyssa al Ghul

Played by Spartacus‘s Katrina Law

In the comics, Nyssa Raatko was one of Ra’s al Ghul’s illegitimate children. She was born in 18th century Russia, and she became angry at her father for not helping her family escape from WWII concentration camps. As the last living member of her family and unable to have children, she attempted a hostile takeover of the League of Assassins. In the TV series, she essentially replaces Talia. She is a high ranking loyal member of the League of Assassins who has a history with Black Canary.


Clock King

Played by Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper

I think Clock King’s most popular depiction was from “Batman: The Animated Series.” That version was a vengeful terrorist with an obsession with punctuality. He was originally a gimmicky old school bank robber villain who dress like a king with a clock mask. He was also originally a Green Arrow villain, so Arrow gets to take one back from Batman instead of just leaning on Bats’ B-list rogues. Clock King was eventually rebooted as a Teen Titans villain inspired by the animated version and currently exists in the New 52 as a heavy set black gangster in Green Arrow’s title. The TV series has taken the tragic backstory of the old school comic version but used the motif and theme of the animated series.

Batman Harey Quinn Arrow

Harley Quinn

Yes, Harley Quinn! Joker’s main squeeze! A former psychiatrist turns psycho after being seduced by the clown prince himself. She got her start in animation before her rampant popularity got her a chance at the big leagues. But don’t get too excited, this Suicide Squad member was only supposed to be an Easter Egg. She was even voiced by Tara Strong, the second best voice of Harley Quinn. Her role will most likely not be expanded on.


Killer Frost

Played by Danielle Panabaker

At least 3 people have taken the name Killer Frost in the comics. The TV character shares a name with the newest one, Caitlin Snow. Snow was a bright, young scientist at STAR labs, when problems with her perpetual motion machine gave her ice powers. She is a warmth vampire, absorbing heat from humans. Panabaker’s Snow hasn’t gotten that far yet, but she will be moving on to the Flash series.



Played by Carlos Valdes

Vibe gets his power when he gets caught in Darkseid’s boomtubes during the same invasion that created the Justice League in the New 52. He was asked to be a member of the government sanctioned Justice League of America as a failsafe against the actual Justice League. It was believed that his vibrations were strong enough to stop the Flash. This version of Vibe has no powers yet, but he is working at STAR labs with Caitlin Snow and gets to use a weapon that simulates his future power. He will also be appearing in The Flash TV series.


Clinton Hogue

Played by Roark Critchlow

Clinton Hogue is a brand new player in the DC. he was introduced in the pages of Animal Man by Jeff Lemire. He was the leader of the Splinterfolk, a group of environmental extremists who started sowing animal parts on to their bodies. The Splinterfolk teamed up with Brother Blood to take control of The Red, a primordial force that connects all living creatures and empowers Animal Man. Here, he is simply the bodyguard of Sebastian Blood and gets interrogated by Felicity in a pretty clever way.



Played by Summer Glau

Yes, Glau is also playing Isabel Rochev, but I had a feeling she was secretly playing another character. Why? Because the series has been heavily marked by the influence of Christopher Nolan, who turned Henri Ducard, the man who taught Bruce Wayne to be a detective, into an alias for Ra’s al Ghul. Plus, Rochev has the stink of Miranda Tate all over her. I didn’t think she would become Ravager. Although, I’m sure she’s not secretly Rose Wilson, Slade’s youngest daughter.