The Pull List: 6/18/2014

Must read comics of the week


Batman And Ras Al Ghul #32

The “Batman and Robin” title has been sort of in flux. Batman has been pairing up with a number of different people trying to track down the bodies of Damian and Talia, who were killed at the end of Grant Morrison’s “Batman Incorporated.” Ra’s had stolen them from Batman’s backyard at Wayne Manor, and he was going to try to resurrect using a Lazarus Pit. That hunt ends with this issue.


Original Sin #4

I have really been enjoying this series, and last issue the shit really hit the fan. The heroes found the eye of the Watcher only to have it blow up and reveal secrets to all of them. Meanwhile, a hero seems to go rogue killing another, and the man in the shadows seemingly pulling the strings will be revealed, I think. The solicit makes it sound as such.


Thor God Of Thunder #23

Jason Aaron’s “Thor” is really such an awesome book. You have to read it. This one concludes the most recent arc that sees Thor battling Roxxon’s CEO who turns out to be a Minotaur (what!). Plus old man Thor is trying to protect the ball of dirt that used to be Earth from Galactus. 


Thunderbolts #27

This version of the Thunderbolts has been surprisingly awesome. Gen Thunderbolt Ross, aka Red Hulk, got together a group of killers to carry out his own clandestine black ops team. The only problem is he invited the Punisher, and the Punisher looks at the world in a very special black-and-white. This new team has out-lived their usefulness, and The Punisher is ok with wiping them off the face of the Earth.