Supanova Perth 2014: Cosplay Roundup Day 1


By Hedge

Another year another Supanova. This was the first year for the long-running convention at their new location, the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. While a dramatic step-up from the Perth Showgrounds (which hasn’t seen a facilities upgrade since sometime in the 17th Century by the looks of it) things were a little squashed given the sheer number of attendees.

With attendees though comes cosplay, and boy were there some good one this year. I didn’t get everyone; we spent a good while hunting two excellent Road To El Dorado cosplayers with little luck, as well as a great 40k Space Marine I just couldn’t get close to. The entire eastern end of the space was a no-go area given the epic crush of incoming con attendees, high-traffic stalls and of course the gargantuan League of Legends stage.

Still, what we saw was stunning and without any further delay, here are the best of Saturday’s crop.

SPN2014-01 SPN2014-02 SPN2014-03 SPN2014-05 SPN2014-06 SPN2014-07 SPN2014-08 SPN2014-09 SPN2014-10 SPN2014-11 SPN2014-12 SPN2014-13 SPN2014-14 SPN2014-15 SPN2014-16 SPN2014-17 SPN2014-18 SPN2014-19 SPN2014-20 SPN2014-21 SPN2014-22 SPN2014-23 SPN2014-24 SPN2014-25 SPN2014-26 SPN2014-27 SPN2014-28 SPN2014-29 SPN2014-30 SPN2014-31 SPN2014-32 SPN2014-33 SPN2014-36 SPN2014-37 SPN2014-38 SPN2014-39 SPN2014-40 SPN2014-41 SPN2014-42 SPN2014-43 SPN2014-44 SPN2014-45 SPN2014-46 SPN2014-47 SPN2014-48 SPN2014-49 SPN2014-50 SPN2014-51 SPN2014-52 SPN2014-53 SPN2014-54 SPN2014-55 SPN2014-56 SPN2014-57 SPN2014-58 SPN2014-landscape-05


That’s all from day one. Spectacular effort. Come back tomorrow for more cosplay and keep hitting refresh all week as we continue our Supanova Perth 2014 coverage.