Supanova Perth 2014: Cosplay Roundup Day 2


By Hedge

Day two saw more maddening crowds and a few interviews, so less time on the floor. Still, some great cosplay again from the Perthling geek horde.

SPN2014-61 SPN2014-62 SPN2014-64 SPN2014-65 SPN2014-66 SPN2014-67 SPN2014-68 SPN2014-69 SPN2014-70 SPN2014-71 SPN2014-72 SPN2014-73 SPN2014-74 SPN2014-75 SPN2014-76 SPN2014-77 SPN2014-78 SPN2014-79 SPN2014-80 SPN2014-81 SPN2014-82 SPN2014-83 SPN2014-84 SPN2014-85 SPN2014-86 SPN2014-87 SPN2014-88 SPN2014-89 SPN2014-90 SPN2014-91 SPN2014-92 SPN2014-93 SPN2014-landscape-07 SPN2014-landscape-10 SPN2014-landscape-13 SPN2014-landscape-16



That’s it from the cosplay side folks. Great work as always and we’ll see ya next year!