Possible Roles for Rosario Dawson in Daredevil

If you’re anything like me, then you really hate it when someone gets cast in a superhero project in a secret role. I’m not really sure why its so secret. This is the current case with Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil series. Already cast are Boardwalk Empire‘s Charlie Cox as the Man Without Fear and character actor Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, and now they are saying that Dawson will be playing a role described as “critical” and “key guest-role.”

So who could she be playing?



Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. If there is any female in Daredevil’s life that is critical it is Elektra Natchios. Elektra is from a powerful Greek family (sometimes Cypriot) who traveled to China to learn martial arts after her father’s death. Her thirst for vengeance would eventually push her toward The Hand, a ninja cult. Her career as a hired killer would eventually have her cross paths with her college boyfriend, Matt Murdock. It was the kidnapping of her father that was one of Murdock’s first missions as a masked vigilante. Dawson definitely has the intensity and physicality to pull off such a  role, but I’d like to think Elektra would be more than just a guest star. Either way, she’s a pretty obvious choice.

Likeliness: Very Possible



Maya Lopez was a deaf hitman working for the Kingpin. After the Kingpin killed her father, he blamed it on Daredevil. Obviously, she tried to kill him. She’s very similar to Elektra that way, and appearance wise Rosario Dawson fits the bill more, the most of any of these choices. Even though it would be a small role, you would absolutely need someone who was expressive since the character is deaf. Dawson is definitely a fine actress, but overall, the character just doesn’t seem like she would make the cut for this debut series.

Likeliness: Better than Slim, but I doubt it


Night Nurse

When the articles mentioned “healing the wounds of the city,” everyone immeditely thought of Night Nurse. There have been 3 different Night Nurses, all of whom basically serve the same function. The Night Nurse is actually a doctor (the alliteration sounded better by her own admission) who sets up shop in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen to be the doctor to the masks. The reason why I think she might be this character is because I’m still trying to figure out why they got such a well-known actor for an admittedly small role. Night Nurse could actually appear in EACH of the Netflix series that Marvel is currently making (Jennifer Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the crossover The Defenders).

Likeliness: Slim, it seems random


Misty Knight

The character that would make an even better crossover character to appear in each series is Misty Knight. Misty has sort of become the face of Heroes for Hire lately. It started out as Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s private eye office, but Misty took over once the other two got Avengers popular. I’d say appearance wise, Dawson more than fits the bill and has the inherent screen presence of the likable and sassy Misty. Misty’s role hiring heroes for her clandestine missions would make her a suitable substitute for this projects’ Nick Fury, bringing the four together for their team crossover. That would be a role worthy of someone as well-known as Rosario Dawson.

Likeliness: Pretty big, but I think I’m being biased.