Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Lion King

The Lion King is, in my opinion, the best Disney film ever made. I’m sure plenty will disagree with that statement but I think hardly anyone would disagree with the idea that it’s one of the most classic, beautiful, touching, and well-made animated films of all time. Roughly based on Hamlet, The Lion King gives us the story of young Simba who must overcome his fears to save his pride of lions. I could go on about the plot and how great the film is but you’ve seen it already. And if you haven’t, stop what you’re doing and go watch it! Making a themed meal for this film was a bit difficult since I don’t share many eating habits with lions. Instead, I opted to go for traditional African cuisine (according to the Internet anyway).


For an appetizer for The Lion King meal I made African peanut soup. A tomato-based soup with veggies, peanut butter, and rice, this was definitely something new for me. If you like soup and you like peanuts then definitely try this one out; it’s a unique and tasty recipe.



For the main course I went with something more substantial: Mchicha. This Tanzanian dish is made with spinach, peanuts, and curry and turned out to be quite a delicious experience. I chose to serve it over rice and it made a hearty and spice-filled meal that my family also enjoyed. I recommend this to fans of curry or peanut based stir-fries.



For dessert I found this recipe for Mandazi, which are essentially East African doughnuts. They’re not as sweet or slick as the ones you get at Dunkin but they are yummy and satisfying, especially when covered in powdered sugar.



My meal for The Lion King was definitely different and exciting. Using classic African cuisine staples like peanuts, I found a three-course meal that perfectly fit the sweet and spicy tone of the amazing film The Lion King.



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