The Pull List: 7/23/2014

Must read comics of the week


Afterlife with Archie #6

It is official. Riverdale is the center of a new zombie apocalypse, and it is Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s fault. For messing with the Necronomicon, she is banished to purgatory. A perfect jumping on point for those who haven’t signed up for the end of Riverdale.


Batman #33

This extra-sized issue marks the end of Snyder’s Year Zero. Batman vs. Riddler for the fate of Gotham. I wonder how it ends?


Damsels In Excess #1

This comic is about a fairy tale world without any men. 5 princesses fight to restore balance to their magical world. 


Daredevil #6

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Daredevil issue for this Original Sin tie in that probably has something to do with Matt’s mom who left him at an early age to become a nun.


Original Sin #5.2

Or whatever its called. The first issue was really cool. I’m excited about how Angela will fit into Thor’s world.



Ragnarok #1

Walter Simonson, most well known for his run on Marvel’s Thor, dramatizes the end of the world story of Norse mythology.


Storm #1

One of Marvel’s best female superheroes is getting her own solo title where she travels the world trying to make it a better place. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #33

The beginning of the end. This issue marks the first issue of the final arc of this current run of Wonder Woman. Sigh. I knew it couldn’t last forever, but I am seriously sad to see Brian Azzarello leave Wonder Woman. It will definitely never be the same.