The Pull List: 10/1/2014

Must read comics of the week.

Thank god for the end of “Future’s End” month. I can actually recommend DC again.


Alex + Ada #9

This is such a cool book. It is using sci-fi tropes to tell a dramatic and existential tale about where the broad definition of “life” begins and ends. Ada, the artificial lifeform living with Alex, picked up on his shame toward owning her and decided to split, but the world outside is a bit more dangerous and confusing than she thought it might be.


Batman Eternal #26

The mayor declares martial law which seems to be Jason Bard’s plan all along. Red Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl rescue Batman trying to put the events of “Death of the Family” behind them. Plus the origin of one of Batman’s most dangerous rogues. I can only guess that means Hush. Time to find out if his face is still all “plastic-surgeried” to look like Bruce Wayne. 

Black Widow, Wolverine


Black Widow #11

In case you couldn’t tell from the title of his new book, Wolverine is dying. Unfortunately, books like that always have follow ups that get published before the actual event finishes, like here where Widow decides to bring X-23 on a mission to help her work through the all the feels. This is a duo I’d love to see kick some ass together.

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #1

In the wake of Original Sin, Bucky Barnes has gotten himself a new on-going. He is taking over for Nick Fury Sr.’s secret mission protecting the world from uber-powerful beings with his big ass cannon. Winter Soldier in space is a hard sell, but Ales Kot has rocked this kind of espionage book.

Captain America

Captain America #25

Someone picks up the mantle of Captain America. Oh whoever could it be? Not sure why they even bothered whiting out the figure since its been known for awhile. SPOILER: It’s Falcon, and despite what people think about it, Wilson is a pretty organic replacement. He’d be near the top of the list if not the tippy top. 


Cutter #1

A special new book from Image Comics that will be weekly for the month of October bringing the slasher genre to the comic medium. 


The Damnation of Charlie Woodward #1

Charlie Woodward is a man with everything he could ask for: a wife, a house, a good job, and a son. But when that son gets sick, Woodward is going to break bad. 


Death of Wolverine #3

So far, so surprisingly good. Although, it was pretty strange to see Lady Deathstrike return in classic form last issue since I could have sworn she downloaded herself into nanobots and injected herself into some South American heiress. 


Fade Out #2

A cool old timey Hollywood murder story from the master of pulp and noir, Ed Brubaker. 

Green Lantern

Godhead #1

I have lost interest in Green Lantern, but this is something that could definitely get me interested again. The Green Lantern Corps goes up against the New Gods over who gets to control the fleeting emotional spectrum. 

Gotham, Batman

Gotham Academy #1

For some reason, DC wants to really explore Gotham. There are at least 3 big Batman-less books coming up. They are even missing Batman family members. This one takes place at the prestigious prep school. A creepy, gothic DeGrassi. 


Green Arrow #35

I am going to miss Jeff Lemire’s Green Arrow. He put Arrow at the top of DC’s roster, and I highly doubt the new guys are going to keep up the level of myth that Lemire has installed in the Arrow book. That said, the new Arrow creative team cut their teeth on The CW’s “Arrow,” so who knows?

Green Lantern

Green Lantern #35

Make sure to read Godhead #1 before this issue. This is Act 1, Part 2. 

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians 3000 #

The team that started it all. The team from the future (but published in the ’70s) whose name was lent out to the #1 movie in the US.


Last Born #1

The comic debut of the documentarian behind Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods. A girl with a thirst for adventure falls into a rip in space-time. 


Lil Depressed Boy Supposed To Be There Too #1

Everyone’s favorite depressed ragdoll looking for love is back again to try and fend off the feels. 


Lobo #1

Yea, its not the Son of Anarchy looking mofo that people are used to, but I think people are overreacting when they liken his appearance to a Twilight version of Lobo. This Lobo is actually hunting down the SAMCRO looking mofo for stealing his name. 


Men Of Wrath #1

A new tale from Jason Aaron about an Alabama hitman and his cursed family. 


Holmes vs. Houdini #1

Sherlock Holmes, famous druggie detective, and Houdini, famous illusionist and escape artist, meet and death ensues. Someone is targeting Houdini’s career and reputation, and he needs Holmes’ help in clearing his name.


Thor #1

Yup, girl Thor, the same week as black Cap. Don’t panic. Deep breath. Everything will be alright. Honestly, Aaron hasn’t steered wrong yet. His “Thor” series has been awesome.