The Pull List: 11/12/2014

Must read comics of the week.

Captain America

All New Captain America #1

How nice of Marvel to put all of there controversial books on the same day. Like a band aid. Sam Wilson starts off as Captain America with Hydra uniting Cap’s rogues gallery to try to take down the untested new Cap. And Sam is teaming up with Nomad? As in Rikki Barnes? That would be awesome!



Batman #36

The first issue of Endgame had Batman going up against his Justice League team members for unknown reasons until it is revealed in the end that Supes as a crazy big Joker grin. The Joker is back even furious than he was in “Death of the Family.”


The Bigger Bang #1

The solicit says, “The Big Bang created all life as we know it. The Bigger Bang creates just one: a being named Cosmos. Is he a destroyer? A hero? A god? All he knows is that he’s completely alone in what was our universe.” SOLD!


Captain America And Mighty Avengers #1

An Axis tie-in! Actually, that doesn’t really excite me since part of Axis is spinning everyone’s personalities on their head. In the last Axis story, Sam turned out to be a pretty big a-hole, and I am sort of afraid that’s what this is going to be all about along with the rest of Luke Cage’s team. I like the line-up though.


Django/Zorro #1

This official sequel to Django Unchained allows Academy award winner Quentin Tarantino to team his slave-turned-gunslinger up with the famed Mexican vigilante. Should be fun.


Kitchen #1

The Irish gangs of Hell’s Kitchens circa the 1970s are all arrested and sent to prison. Who pray tell would take over their criminal enterprises? The Wives!


Superior Iron Man #1

Mind-whammied during Axis, drunk and especially douchey Tony Stark shows up to San Fran to sell Extremis to the masses. Thankfully, Daredevil recently relocated to the other coast. 


Thor #2

With the new girl Thor on the horizon and the tease in Thor #1 (seriously, last panel only? And just a hand?), maybe we will finally see her in action finally.