The Pull List: 12/17/2014


All New Captain America #2

I had so much fun with the first one, especially considering the uphill battle it had given Steve Rogers wasn’t in the uniform. HYDRA has been reformed with practically all of Cap’s rogues gallery.


Batman #37

Joker is back with a major bone to pick with Batman. If you thought Death of the Family was screwy, I have a feeling like The Joker is just getting started. 


Batman Eternal #37

Everything has been set up against Batman. His weapons cache has been compromised. One of his trustiest allies, Lucius Fox, has been turned against him. Alfred and Gordon are down for the count. Catwoman is his only hope, but Catwoman has been replaced by a new and improved Selina Kyle, walking in the footsteps of her mob boss father.


Batwoman #37

If you remember, Batwoman #35 saw Batwoman working with a random group of superhumans. Last we saw Jason Blood, the human host of Etrigan the Demon, targeted by a cult, and now Clayface is the newest head in the crosshairs. 

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel #10

If there has ever been a time to join Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Carol Corps, it would be a now. A special event issue honors the 100th solo issue of Carol Danvers EVER.


Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #4

Writer Steve Niles concludes this adventure of his occult detective, Cal MacDonald. The world is tearing its apart under the hynotic spell of the 2 demons currently walking the Earth looking for the third child, who may or may not be Cal himself. His darker monster self is gaining more and more strength.


Kitchen #2

I really loved the first issue, which saw the wives of 3 wiseguys who got sent to prison take up their business in the meantime. 


Manifest Destiny #12

A special spotlight issue revels some of Sacagawea’s secrets.


Mono #1

Mono is a super spy working since the Boer War who was fictionalized in pulp novels throughout the years. He is an ape-human hybrid with a prehensile tale and enhanced strength. This series seeks to get to the root of Mono as a person though by collecting info from the people who knew him best. A “Behind the Music” kind of tale about a superhero


Multiversity: Thunderworld

Welcome to Earth 5, aka Thunderworld, the home to the original Captain Marvel and his Marvel family as they face off against their greatest foes, one of whom is targeting the Rock of Eternity, the source of the Marvel family’s power, and threatens to destroy this world.


Rocket Salvage #1

The one-time fastest racer in the known universe is now running a scrap yard with his 2 teenage clones, a true dysfunctional family that finds themselves on the wrong side of the wrong people. 


Rumble #1

It is described as “It’s Louis C.K. meets Robert E. Howard in a David Fincher universe.” Sold! It follows a Scarecrow Warrior God returned after a long absence to the land of the living to bust the heads of all his old enemies. 


Harbinger Faith #0

A story of an overweight female superhero who has the ability to be light as a feather, one of the last innocent people is  crazy mixed up world.