What is the #Clay5? (Hint: An Awesome New Feature!)

Good morning/evening on this Monday/Sunday wibbly wobbly timey wimey…whenever you are. We do have readers across all the time zones, but some things unite us all. We’re all geeks (or geek-curious) and love costumes, superheroes…and organising things into lists. We LOVE lists. That’s not just hyperbole, our figures are very clear. Everyone loves a good list, especially one we can get a say in.

Meet #Clay5, a place that does just that. Clayton is a splendid fellow with a great concept: he picks a topic and everyone submits their 5 picks in that category with the top results published the next day. So if Clayton picks ‘Costumed Vigilantes’ you vote Batman and then four other less cool choices, and then you can see the top results from around the globe!

We love #Clay5, and reached out to Clayton for an epic team up. Now you can see a weekly round-up right here at the House of Geekery! We have a weeks worth of Top 5s to start us out. Don’t like the list? Then get yourself over the the #Clay5 Twitter and vote in the next topic! I always keep notifications on because I hate missing a good topic. Got a suggestion for a topic, add it to the comments or send it to the man himself!

Remember: everyone gets 5!

MON FEB 9: Songs From The Simpsons
Man, The Simpsons has been going forever! With such a back log of catchy musical numbers it was hard to narrow the nominations down to five. Personally my vote was for See My Vest, but it’s hard to argue with the #1.
1. The Monorail Song
2. See My Vest
3. Dr Zaius
4. We Do (The Stonecutters’ Song)
5. We Put The Spring In Springfield
TUE FEB 10: Bob Marley Songs
Still the most famous face in the world of reggae, you’d be hard pressed to find a college dorm without his face adorning the wall. More than 30 years after his passing he’s a best selling artist with lots of instantly recognisable tracks.
1. Is This Love?
2. No Woman, No Cry
3. Get Up, Stand Up
4. Jamming
5. Redemption Song
Bob marley
WED FEB 11: Jude Law Films
Ok, I was surprised by this one. Not that I don’t like AI, because I do, but outranking both Gattaca AND Closer? This is why I love #Clay5, because of these odd little turn ups. I guess the British actor’s take of the slick Gigolo Joe was more appreciated than I expected.
1. A.I. Artificial Intelligence
2. Gattaca
3. Closer
4. The Talented Mr Ripley
5. Sherlock Holmes
THU FEB 12: Faith No More Songs
Definitely one of the most defining acts of the 1990s – they basically embody the sound that was popular during the post-Cobain years. Again, I picked the top spot totally wrong. In my mind it will always be Epic.
1. Falling To Pieces
2. Epic
3. Ashes to Ashes
4. Easy
5. We Care A Lot
Faith No More
FRI FEB 13: Roxette Songs
I got told off when I tweeted that I couldn’t name 5 Roxette songs. Clayton is threatening me with a mix tape. It’s great when a project like this can open up a new band, show or series for you so I can look forward to learning about this Swedish rock duo! What I do know is that votes were so close the 2-5 spots on the list were a dead tie…we needed more votes to split this up!
1. The Look
2.-5. The Big L/Dressed For Success/Fading Like A Flower/It Must Have Been Love/Listen To Your Heart
That’s it for the week! Remember to sign up to the twitter feed to get involved and we’ll see you next week!