DC Divergence: What to Look Forward To

DC Comics made a move recently which shocked and piqued the interest by announcing that their controversial New 52 was coming to an end. Next summer in it’s place will be the new line, Convergence, which will bring a brand new sense of diversity and artistic freedom to thenewdccvr publishing company.  The publisher’s plan to roll out a new slate of promising mini series’ while rejuvenating fan favorite books, has been met with a sense of enthusiasm and enough hope to power the entire Blue Lantern Corps. Now we at the House of Geekery are telling you what you have to look forward to this new era of comics.

Creative Freedom: Comic fans are notorious for their strict adherence to decades long continuity. Over the past couple of years the editors at DC have taken this to insane levels and are often criticized for seemingly forcing a strict house style on all their books. Humor has seemingly been squashed in favor of grim and gritty; writers should not even think about giving their characters romantic lives and marriages, while artists had to ape Jim Lee’s style. This strategy has run off a good number of talented creators and turned off many readers.That has changed as Dan DiDio has announced that company will now put their focus on telling the best stories possible rather than forcing everyone to follow to the beat of the same editorial drum. Now creators will have a chance to play to their strengths as well as the strengths of these beloved characters. From; the assuredly hilarious Bat Mite and Bizarro, to the hip Batgirl, and even traditional super hero books at Superman and Batman; everything is sure to be firing on all cylinders.

Super Women: Nothing disgusted as many DC fans more in the New 52, than the transformation of fan favorite Titan, Starfire from a powerful hero into a sex maniac shell of her former self. This misogynistic way of thinking seems to be on the way out as several popular female heroes and antiheroes will be getting their own books. With her new found popularity from the TV series Arrow and solid supporting turn in Batgirl, Black Canary will be the star of a brand new series. In what will surely be a huge departure from her characterization in Red Hood and the Outlaws, the fun loving heroic Starfire comic fans know from the Wolfman/Perez era of the Titans will be back in her own series. On the Gotham side of things, it appears that the female fronted Batgirl and Gotham Academy will still be going strong. Speaking of Gotham Academy….

Gotham Academy is Staying: The fact that this book, which perfectly blends elements of Harry Potter and Batman, is not a solid best seller baffles me. Despite consistently delivering intricate plots, with incredibly likable characters, and beautiful artwork has only mustered a strong cult following. Many fans feared this book would be cancelled before its time, but fortunately it will be sticking around for this new era of DC. Hopefully with the company firmly behind it, the creative team of; Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, and Karl Keschl; will continue to deliver one of the best books on the stands and finally make it the sales hit it should be.

Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo take Batman into new territory: By far the brightest spot in the DC Universe for the past couple of years has been Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and their run on the Dark Knight’s flagship book. Since the New 52 launched this dynamic duo has delivered a series of Bat tales which will undoubtedly be ranked among the classics one day. They have led a resurgence across the entire Batman line of books make them one of the strongest franchises’ in comics today. With their current story arc, Endgame, currently driving fans and critics into a frenzy the critically acclaimed team have promised it will be a game changer when all is said and done. With a complete shift in the status quo of Gotham City courtesy of such a talented crew, and the promise it will be unlike anything else in the heroes 75 years history, fans are abuzz with what is to come.


newdc4Bryan Hitch and the Justice League: Since superheroes are thriving on the big screen it makes perfect sense that an artist renowned for his cinematic visual style would be given the keys to the kingdom so to speak. Bryan Hitch of Ultimates and Fantastic Four fame, will be taking the reigns of the Justice League of America, the greatest superhero team of all time with the complete creative freedom this new line of comics promises. With DC hoping to get a new batch of fans from their upcoming slate of films, this is absolutely the perfect move to get that potential demographic into the comic book shops.

Diverse Creators: I am sure Nicola Scott and Gail Simone got tired of being the only female creative forces at DC Comics for the past couple of years, now they are about to receive a lot of company. They will soon be joined by; Annie Wu and Alisa Kwitney and an expanded role in the company for Amanda Conner. Likewise acclaimed Chinese-American writer, Gene Luen Yang, will be charting the flight path of DC”s greatest hero, Superman. Writing the solo debut of the ever popular Cyborg will be one of the most creative African American creators around, Daniel Walker who will be joined by the talented artist, Ivan Reis.

With these moves DC Comics is positioning itself for the future and to take readers into the next generation of comics.