New Details of ‘Age of Ultron’ (We Learned From LEGO)

For those out there who stopped playing with LEGO when they became adults, you may be surprised to see how many licensed brands they’ve got under their belt. Disney, DC Comics, Pirates of Caribbean, The Lone Ranger, Speed Racer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter…roughly a third of their output comes from their licensed products. Chief among them is the Marvel sets that included the release of The Avengers themed sets in 2012. 

There was a slight problem though. The sets appeared before the movie’s released and one showed Hawkeye driving a jeep with Loki in the back, hinting at a key plot point. This happened again with Iron Man 3 with a set depicting the destruction of Tony Stark’s mansion by helicopter attack with Pepper wears the Iron Man suit, and one with a firey Aldrich Killian as a villain. Again, they were available for sale before the movie was released.


So…the Age of Ultron sets came out yesterday. Needless to say there are potential spoilers ahead, based on conjecture, but we’re going to see what these sets tell us.

Scarlet Witch Is Involved in the Hulkbuster Fight

The first set we tore into was the Hulbuster fight. It’s one of the most heavily promoted and anticipated sequences of the upcoming blockbuster. It also included the Scarlet Witch, one of the new pieces I wanted for my collection of LEGO superheroes. 

Surprisingly the Scarlet Witch seems involved in this rumble. The set comes with what appears to be a stone and metal ‘cage’ trapping Hulk (with Stark Industries) written on it, while Scarlet Witch hovers over him (via a clear LEGO piece). The blue on the rubble cage matches the blasts coming from her hands, so I read this as her trapping Hulk.

Lego Scarlet Witch Hulk

In the instructions the final pages lay out the intended action. In this case it’s Iron Man flying through the air and knocking down Scarlet Witch. What’s not clear is whether this happens before or after Iron Man straps on the Hulkbuster suit. Perhaps Scarlet Witch prompts this show down, maybe she breaks it up.

Lego Hulkbuster Instructions

Hydra Has Taken on the Chitauri Technology

This one is never outright stated, but take a look at this character listed as ‘Hydra Henchmen’. There’s something familiar about this design…

Hydra Henchman Age of Ultron

Take a look at him next to the Chitauri warrior from the first film. The colours are a match, and there are enough similarities.

Hydra Age of Ultron Chitauri

What’s Ultron Doing With Vision?

Out of all the new characters the android Vision is the most shrouded in mystery. The minifig is awesome, well detailed and designed it provides the first real look at the character.

Vision Age of Ultron

Question about the box art though…what’s he doing?

Age of Ultron Vision

It would appear that Ultron has got his metal mitts on him and The Avengers are rescuing him.

Age of Ultron Lego

As we get three distinct phases on Ultron’s design in the sets, this would appear to be late in the film.

Ultron is Using Iron Man Suits to Attack Avenger Tower Using Loki’s Staff

One of the biggest sets is the attack on Avenger Tower. This looks to fit into the film around the same time as the scene in the extended trailer where they’re all trying to lift Thor’s hammer. We can see that Ultron is being rebuilt out of scraps in one part of the tower. Nearby, while Tony Stark is being subject to some kind of scan, and there’s a pair of oddly coloured Iron Man suits with blank red head pieces getting up to no good. 

Iron Legion Age of Ultron

Iron Man Getting Scanned

They’re getting hold of Loki’s staff and look to be helping Ultron escape the tower. The box art clearly depicts them fighting Iron Man and Thor. 

Iron Legion Lego

So by the end of the day…we don’t know a great amount of new detail but there’s some intriguing hints. Ultron has some control over the Iron Man tech, Hydra are getting kitted up Chitauri style, Loki’s staff is integral to the plot and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver but switch sides at some point.

I would really like to see this movie now.