Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Big Hero 6’

Big Hero 6 is the last Disney release to come out and it will be hard to top it. A wonderful blend of superhero action and poignant realistic emotional drama, this is a film that can not only be enjoyed but connected with by people of all ages and types. BH6 is equally as funny as it is sad; as equally charming in it’s unrealistic technology as it is staunchly realistic in its portrayal of loss, love, and friendship. BH6 is up there with some of the other Disney greats and I can’t recommend it enough.


For an appetizer I took inspiration from the team’s lovable if not anxious physics student: Wasabi. Wasabi is such an interesting and strong flavor it can be used it lots of different things. I found this recipe online for wasabi edamame hummus. It was really good! This is the same texture and idea of hummus but using edamame and wasabi is a nice change from the standard garlic and chickpeas. I stayed light on the wasabi per my preferences but if you want yours with more of a kick then just up the wasabi! Another great snack recipe.



For the main course I wanted a dish that represented the fantastic and creative San Fransokyo which is a city that is a mix between California’s San Francisco and Japan’s Tokyo. The design in the film is a gorgeous mix of American sea-city and Asian architecture so I came up with the idea of an Asian-inspired burger. The US loves their hamburgers so I took this classic American dish and added some typically Asian flavors by browsing the interwebs and getting ideas. In the end I settled on a Thai Basil Edamame burger topped with a ketchup soy sauce mix, fried onions, tomatoes, and avocado. It was absolutely delicious and I’m temped to top all my burgers like this from now on.



 For dessert I took inspiration the team’s other member with a food name, the sweet fashionista and chemistry whiz Honey Lemon. I found a recipe online for honey lemon cookies that came out super scrumptious and moist. They were perhaps too lemony (which was due to my own estimating of ingredients) but the mix of sweet and sour made these delightful and a great dish to serve with tea. I’ll add this cookie recipe to my saved folder for sure.



This was a great meal that mixed sweet, sour, savory, and whatever the heck wasabi counts as. The meal contains all the wonderful and delicious flavors that are as diverse as the characters in Big Hero 6 itself.


Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove