The Pull List: 3/25/2015

Must read comics of the week


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1

It looks like the “Disney Kingdom” miniseries that Marvel was making may have dropped the whole “Disney Kingdom” label. They are still making them though, and this one is based on the popular Disney theme part ride. Find the origin behind the haunted train that still barrels around all on its own.


Inhuman #13

Quick! Don’t miss this great jumping on point for one of Marvel’s best on-going books. Black Bolt is back and was denied the throne by his wife Medusa. The NuHumans have proved their worth and created their own alliance. The Inhumans are briefly out of the woods before the next be calamity.


Just So Happens

A Japanese immigrant who started a life in London must return home for the funeral of her father. Going home is a bit of a culture clash. Expect this series to deal with grief, depression, and the relationship kids have with their parents no matter what there age is.


Multiversity: Ultra Comics

The penultimate issue of Morrison’s epic adventure through all possible versions of DC’s Earth. This issue is especially more relevant as it is the issue being read by many of the characters over the course of the Multiversity series possibly causing insanity.


We Can Never Go Home #1

True Romance with super powers.