The Pull List: 6/3/2015


Airboy #1

Writer James Robinson and artist Greg Hinkle go full on Charlie Kaufman with this attempt to reboot a classic Golden Age story by injecting themselves into struggling to piece the thing together.


Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1

In this corner of the Secret Wars battleworld, Peter, Mary Jane, and the daughter they would never have are living together, loving but not prosperous.


Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond has always been a elseworlds, but this series is being launched as definitively the future of the DCU.


Broken World #1

Another end of the world story, but hopefully this one can have a good twist. Usually, lifeboats off the planet for this kind of story can’t take many. The ones in this story can take almost everyone, except Elena Marlowe (and probably a few others). This story follows her trying to figure out a way on to one of those ships.


Feathers #6

The final issue. I have really enjoyed this story and hope it comes back in some way.


Groot #1

It was no surprise to me that Groot was a fan favorite from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Groot rocks, although I’m curious how his own series will turn out. I have always been a bit surprised that Rocket and Groot got their own separate solos instead of one buddy series. But here we are.

Justice League

Justice League #41

Something called Darkseid War is starting. it sounds important. i haven’t bothered to read Justice League in a while. Maybe I’ll jump back on for this one


Secret Wars #3

I m surprised how much I am liking this series. I think I said something similar about Original Sin and that didn’t turn out so well. Here is hoping Marvel can finally have an event series that doesn’t end at best lukewarm.