The Pull List: 7/8/2015

Buzz worthy books of the week


1872 #1

The Marvel universe re-imagined as the old west town, Timely (get it?). Steve Rogers is a sheriff, Star is a drunk, and Banner is a…snake oil salesman? I guess?


Archie #1

Was never quite sure it would ever happen, but Archie is getting a good old-fashioned reboot. I never had that much of an attachment to the retro-style books, but I am looking forward to see modern retelling. With Mark Waid at the helm it has a more than decent chance of being good.


Constantine The Hellblazer #2

This new Constantine already feels better than the last reboot.


Mrs. Deadpool and Howling Commandos #2

The first issue was pretty cool. And the Howling Commandos are getting their own series post-Secret Wars. It is sadly without Shiklah, but at least we can see some Shiklah badassness now.


Providence #2

Giant Size. Ad free. Written by Alan Moore. Nuff said.


Star Wars: Lando #1

Looking who’s getting his own series.


Tomorrows #1

A new dystopia for the millenial age. Counter-culture returns with a vengeance against a society that has made art illegal and weaponized our electronic fingerprints to keep us in line.