The Pull List: 11/4/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Amazing Spider-Man #3

Peter Parker is finally heading to the New York HQ of Parker Industries which is located…… the Baxter Building? Something tells me Johnny Storm isn’t going to be a big fan.


Batman and Robin Eternal #5

Boy, the last issue really dropped a bomb at the end. Something that may pit Robin against Robin. With Dick, Jason, Tim, Harper, Cassandra, and Stephanie steeped in all of this, I feel like Barb and Damien need to get in on some of the action too.


Citizen Jack #1

How do you run for President of the United States? Team up with a demon.


Deadpool #1

In a meta-twist, Gerry Duggan returns to Deadpool by making him the most popular superhero in the Marvel universe. Now, he’s cashing in.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange #2

Doctor Strange is off to a cool start. Strange is able to see the little demons and monsters that bleed in from other dimensions, that peacefully coexist like that “good” bacteria I keep hearing about. Now, he is starting to think much bigger and worse things bleeding through, and they are infesting his home.


Drax #1

UFC fighter and self-proclaimed geek, CM Punk, tries his hand at writing with the Guardians of the Galaxy’s number 1 bruiser, Drax.


Extraordinary X-Men #1

There have been some rumblings about the trouble between mutants and inhumans in the pages of the other Marvel books. It looks like here is where they define it for sure, with a team that seems to consist of the most popular X-Men (Storm, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Colossus) plus young Jean Grey and Old Man Logan.


Hercules #1

Hercules. The first superhero in the Marvel universe, back during the Greek myth days. He is spent quite a bit of time drinking and bedding women, but now he is buckling down and getting back to saving the world. Is he ready for the responsibility?

James Bond

James Bond #1

If you needed any other reason to see one of the most prolific fictional characters of all time in comic book form, it will also be written by one of the more prolific comic writers currently working, Warren Ellis.


Justice League: Gods and Men – Flash #1

The Black Flash, the grim reaper of the Speed Force, makes his new 52 debut (I think?), but he is more than just an inherent personification of death here. He is the New Gods’ personification of death, the Black Rider, bonded to Barry Allen himself by Darkseid.

Santa Claus

Klaus #1

Grant Morrison? Reinventing Santa Claus? Combining the multiple mythologies that led to his original creation? Please and thank you!


Nailbiter #17

New arc starts when a new butcher starts killing people.


Survivor’s Club #2

I really dug the first issue, so people should definitely keep an eye out for this one. A mysterious video game and list online have brought together the lone survivor’s of classic horror movie premises.


Uncanny X-Men #600

The final issue of Bendis’ run will finally declare if Cyclops is a hero or a villain.


Unfollow #1

The rich founder of a social media app has left his fortune to 140 different strangers.


Vision #1

The Vision wants to be a human so badly he creates himself a family. It is an interesting idea, but in another book the Vision is wooing Scarlet Witch, so not sure what is going on