Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Pinocchio’


Pinocchio (1940) was Disney’s second full-length animated feature. The story follows wood-carver Geppetto and his puppet who is brought to life by the Blue Fairy. The film actually has some dark themes that are covered in typical Disney magic. It’s as classic as any other Golden Age Film and definitely a must-watch for any Disney fan.



I grew up on Italian food and absolutely love it. Since this movie takes place in Italy I decided to try and make my all-time favorite Italian soup: Pasta e fagioli. I love pasta e faioli and always order it at restaurants but never tried to make it myself until now. I started with this recipe and made modifications based on my personal preferences. It was absolutely delicious!



Since there’s a presence of seafood in the film I wanted to draw on some of the typical Italian seafood dishes. However, I myself don’t eat seafood. Therefore, I settled on a vegan version of shrimp scampi. This was the recipe that inspired me. It was quite good. The flavors were delicious but not overpowering. I would make this again for sure.


almond cake

For dessert I wanted to do a cake since they eat it in the movie. Instead of a plain yellow cake I decided to make an almond cake, since it’s a traditional Italian flavor. I used this recipe. This cake was simply amazing; incredibly moist and delicious.


Italian food is my favorite and Pinocchio is a great film. Another great installment!

Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: 101 Dalmations