The Pull List: 12/2/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week


All-New Inhumans #1

From what I gather from forums is that people really don’t care for the Inhumans new place in the Marvel universe. Most of those critics seem to take offense with it as a premise. I am enjoying the hell out of the books so whatever got them to this point is really none of my concern.


All-New X-Men #1

The original X-Men are sick of playing by the adults rules and are hitting the road along with Wolverine (X-23 that is), Kid Apocalypse (formerly Genesis), and Oya. Except no Jean Grey. I am down for this roster.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange #3

Strange’s new solo series has been pretty cool so far. Chris Bachalo’s graffiti like art works great for the crazy interdimensional beings that he has to contend with. In this given episode, he wakes up away from his home without his clothes, his talismans, or his spells.


Graduate #1

Sounds like this will be an anti-superhero superhero story. A girl who is hiding her invincibility now has to contend with both fame and infamy.

Harley Quinn

Harley’s Little Black Book #1

One of DC’s most popular characters, Harley Quinn, is getting a new bimonthly book where she teams up with random DC characters. First up: Wonder Woman.


Invincible Iron Man #4

Mary Jane joins Iron Man’s book.

James Bond

James Bond #2

Ellis’ first issue was cool as hell, and I can’t wait to keep reading.


Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Dragons #1

The Jim Henson company adapts a number of dragon myths in this follow-up to their similar Witches series.


Mystery Girl #1

This series follows Trine Hampstead, a girl who can answer any question you have, except who she is.


Paper Girls #3

I totally missed recommending this on its second issue. I intended to follow up my recommendation of the first issue with the fact that I actually dug it quite a bit. These paper delivery girls are facing weird suicidal adults and killer ninjas after futzing with a weird machine.


Nailbiter #18

There is a brand new killer in Buckaroo, and it is bringing the FBI agents back to the small town whether they like it or not.


Red Wolf #1

Marvel is going to the Old West with Red Wolf, a Native American hero who stood up against Mayor Wilson Fisk in the wake of Sheriff Steve Rogers’ death. Red Wolf is now the only person right to fill the sheriff’s shoes.


Robin War #1

Damien finally makes it back to Gotham, and he isn’t happy. Bruce is amnesic, Batman is now half robot, there is a gang of Robins, and the former Robins barely trust each other anymore. Oh yea, and the Court of Owls is involved.


Sheriff of Babylon #1

This comic tells the story of a military contractor tasked with training a new Iraqi police force. They find themselves facing an American educated Iraqi crime boss. It is based on writer Tim King’s experience as a CIA operations officer.


Spidey #1

Marvel has been trying to revert Spider-Man back to his childhood for years. That’s what Ultimate Spiderman was about. That’s what Brand New Day was about. That’s what every outside media adaptation of Spider-Man has been about. So, they just went ahead and did it with its own separate book. Having their cake and eating it too.


Totally Awesome Hulk #1

I can’t imagine how pissed people must be that there is a new person being the Hulk that isn’t Bruce Banner. They get mad when Spider-Man has a web out of place. I like Amadeus Cho so I’m excited to see what he does as the big green guy.